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    Three countries, three ways of counting?

    24 April 2020
    Comparing figures on corona infections and mortality can be misleading The number of people dying in Belgium from the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is higher than in neighbouring countries. This high mortality rate makes it seem as if Belgium is not doing as well as its neighbours. The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant even reported on 17 April that Belgium is the European leader in terms of the number of deaths. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, the statistics agency CBS reported that the actual number of deaths in a week is up to twice as high as...
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    Towards the end of German housing (construction) subsidies?

    22 October 2019
    More than ten years after the European Court of Justice ruled that the German Eigenheimzulage was in breach of European law, the EC also started questioning its successor, the Baukindergeld. ITEM had previously concluded that the Baukindergeld was in breach of European law. We now await the conclusion of the European Commission (EC), which had indicated that it would enable Germany to defend the current rules. If the EC does not agree with the German answer, this could once again mean the end of a German housing (construction) subsidy.
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    ECJ confirms: mini-jobs remain uninsured and should be discouraged

    3 October 2019
    In its judgment of 19 September 2019 , the ECJ ruled that Dutch legislation excluding frontier workers residing in the Netherlands but working as a mini-jobber in Germany from the Dutch social security system is compatible with EU law. If the Hoge Raad follows the approach taken by the ECJ, the status-quo will be maintained. This would mean that these frontier workers remain uninsured in both Germany and the Netherlands, which is why such a situation must be dissuaded. For a more in-depth analysis of the judgment of the ECJ and its background, we kindly refer you...