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  • law_blog_paolo_balboni_feb2021

    Let’s make 2021 the year of true ‘transparency’, a socially responsible behavior for data processing activities

    25 February 2021
    28 January was Data Protection Day, an annual celebration of privacy and data protection commemorating the date that Convention 108 of the Council of Europe was first opened for signature. This year, however, I would invite all data protection practitioners, academics, business leaders, educators, politicians, security experts and human rights and privacy activists to take a pledge to not simply pay homage to the Convention.
  • law_kyodo_blog_oncopyright_tian_lu

    The 'goldfish phone booth' copyright case in Japan

    23 February 2021
    Tian Lu in Law
    Nobuki Yamamoto, a Japanese contemporary artist, made an eye-catching work of ‘goldfish swimming in a phone booth’ (‘Work 1’) by December 2000 at the latest. In October 2011, a student organisation called ‘Goldfish Club’ at Kyoto University of Art and Design produced Work 2 and exhibited it for a week in the same month in the Osaka Nakanoshima Park.
  • Finance

    Could Microinsurance Achieve “Jing Shi Ji Min” with Government Interventions? Evidence from China

    17 February 2021
    Written by Yu Yan & Michael Faure. The Chinese word “economy” is originated from a famous idiom called “经世济民” (jing shi ji min), which suggests that a prosperous society is not only about economic success but also about the financial well-being of the general population. Microinsurance (the commercially available insurance that is designed to insure low-income groups against a variety of risks) is a perfect case that reflects this concept. It strikes a balance between a social-driven outcome and a sustainable business model.
  • law_blog_by_igir_e-commerce

    Tort law is needed to regulate intellectual property in e-commerce

    12 February 2021
    ITEM in Law
    Current US and EU secondary liability standards do not address all factors to trigger liability. This influences legislation and case law, setting an uncertain secondary liability outcome of IP infringement cases against Internet Intermediaries’. I suggest that tort law can tackle this problem.