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    Quarantine exception insufficient for border region

    17 November 2020
    Continued disproportionate impact on daily life in the border region With the circulation of the Coronavirus, governments are trying to restrict the movement of people. Staying at home and limiting unnecessary travel and visits is a frequently used and successful recipe against the flare-ups of Corona infections. To this end, border traffic is also being restricted. Travel advice is issued and quarantine rules are put in place. Recently, Dutch policy has changed in this respect, but not sufficiently as described in this blog.
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    Belgian Royal Decree allows unemployment benefit for frontier workers to match Dutch pension

    28 January 2019
    ITEM in Law
    With the Royal Decree of 12 December 2018 , Belgium has solved the problem for the cross-border worker where the unemployment benefit does not match the Dutch pension. The new decision states that Belgian unemployment benefit for frontier workers does not stop at the age of 65 but continues until Dutch (foreign) pensions take effect. Because the Royal Decree has created some uncertainty in pension circles and among (near) pensioners, the most important facts are summarised here. Please note: this blog is written in Dutch.
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    Mixed pension: civil servants pension up for revision

    20 April 2018
    ITEM in Law
    The statutory pension of civil cervants in Belgium is on de verge of a reform. The legislative proposal ‘mixed pension’ will soon be introduced by law, after being the centre of intense debate for nearly a year. What exactly does ‘mixed pension’ mean?
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    Good public transport is a necessity for an attractive border region

    3 April 2018
    Mobility and good public transport prove to be essential requirements for an attractive (border) region. Establishes ITEM-PhD candidate Julia Reinold in an interview with EurekaRail.