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  • Universality blog Human rights

    Must universality of human rights give in to cultural pluralism?

    15 February 2019
    Over the past decades, universality as the cornerstone of human rights has been constantly challenged by non-western societies. Legitimacy and western political hegemony intent are the underlying grounds. In the battle between universality and cultural relativism, which one should prevail?
  • Disability blog - the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

    Disability rights in court

    3 December 2018
    The World Report on Disability estimates that approximately one in five people in the world have some form of ‘disability’ – a characteristic which is strongly associated with socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Law without walls experience story_hackaton

    LWOW a giant hackathon: the law without walls experience

    16 October 2018
    The quest for perfection in LWOW allows you to learn fast, develop many skillsets, and give you a good introduction to the workplace of tomorrow. Technology is all around in LWOW, we might be young millennials drowned in it, but we still have a bit to learn. LWOW will teach you how to use technology in a business setting efficiently.
  • music industry blog IGIR_MLR

    The music industry hits an all-time high

    2 October 2018
    The music industry is currently on a peak mainly because of the huge boost of on-demand streaming. How did such a service manage to increase global music revenue on such a fast path? What were the circumstances facilitating its implementation?
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