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  • Maatwerkoplossing voor schadeproblemen en persoonlijke compensatie

    Hit by a car, then what?

    16 September 2018
    Imagine you, a researcher, are given a bag of money, unlimited time and personnel. What research would you do? Gijs van Dijck, Professor of Private Law, would like to set up an experiment with the larger insurance companies in the Netherlands, focussing on the best way to deal with compensation.
  • Green patent_The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    The social function of inventions: let “green patents” save the planet

    29 June 2018
    We are currently not only in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution but also on the midst of global climate change. With the on-going issues surrounding climate change, the world of IP is also evidently affected by it. Companies are fostering innovation by coming up with new technology which is more sustainable towards the environment, making sure that the human species can survive longer on this planet and in co-existence with the rest of the planet.
  • Lars van Vliet_Mythbusters blog on looted art

    Myth on looted art: what was stolen, remains stolen

    4 June 2018
    Van Vliet emphasises: looted art is legally very complex. “The cases are terribly complicated. To begin with, how do you find out what happened back then? It starts for example with research into the heirs: you have to ensure that you have access to all the wills and division of joint property (in the case of divorce) to prove that the plaintiff is the actual heir.
  • onderbetaling sociale advocaten

    Myth: All lawyers are just profiteers

    18 May 2018
    Flashy guys who work on the Zuidas, live in luxury penthouses and tear around in the latest Teslas and Jaguars – and all at the expense of ‘the ordinary man’ who they laughingly charge exorbitant hourly rates. This image of lawyers appears to be fairly persistent. But it has very little to do with reality, says Bas van Zelst, professor of Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.
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