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  • Pharma patent

    Compulsory licensing for pharmaceuticals in investor-state arbitration

    20 November 2017
    A patent for a medicine gives the patent owner an exclusive right to prevent others from commercially exploiting the patented medicine. When patent regimes work well, the patent holder receives a return for costs of research and development enabling him to continue making further investments.
  • VW_old-factory

    Myth: Companies are only after maximizing their profits

    19 October 2017
    The recent case of the Volkswagen emissions scandal can be an example of how the law also upholds the interests of the environment towards companies. These are all examples of the law keeping companies in check, but in the past couple of years companies have taken it a step further.
  • Banken

    A bank’s duty of care and the Anglo-American/ European divide

    11 October 2017
    In recent years, an increasing number of customers and investors have filed claims against banks such as for mis-selling financial products or poor financial advice. Cees van Dam, Professor of European Tort Law at Maastricht University, reveals three general remarks on the bank’s duty of care: on private enforcement, on public enforcement, and on remedies.
  • Lady justice

    Increased pressure on law enforcement from organised crime

    9 October 2017
    While there are no indications that the number of serious violations of integrity in law enforcement has increased over the past five years, the violations are getting more serious. Investigating authorities such as the Dutch National Police Internal Investigations Department are faced with more egregious integrity violations by members of the police force, customs officers and other law enforcement officers.
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