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  • brexit_LBM

    Getting serious

    30 August 2018
    The dreaded “No Deal” is becoming ever-more plausible With the summer holidays about to end, Brexit negotiations between the European Union and United Kingdom will resume in earnest. The question on everyone’s mind is simple: Will there be a deal or will the United Kingdom leave the European Union without a deal?
  • Call the bluff_Brexit blog

    Call the bluff, prime minister (part 2)

    11 July 2018
    The Brexiteers had their chance in the past two years – they have pushed around a cabinet with a zeal driven by ideology, not practicality or reality. It is time for the remaining adults in the room to take charge. It is time for Theresa May to call the hard right’s bluff. Whether she will have the spine to do so is an entirely different matter.
  • Theresa May_Brexit blog Law Blogs Maastricht

    Call the bluff, prime minister (part one)

    9 July 2018
    With an Implosion of the Conservative Party becoming increasingly likely, Theresa May must stand up to extreme Brexit advocates before it’s too late.
  • Brexit blog Prashant Mexican standoff

    Mexican standoff (part 2)

    26 June 2018
    ​With the date of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal fast approaching, it is becoming increasingly evident that the British government still has no clear plan, relies on wishful thinking and is running out of viable options. To prevent a complete disaster, a much more targeted salvaging operation might be required.
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