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  • Protestors backing Catalan independence during a demonstration on 11 September 2012: The status of the region has emerged as an increasingly contentious issue in the past few years

    Far from Barcelona - long read

    6 April 2018
    How the Puigdemont Affair demonstrates the relevance of the European Arrest Warrant.
  • EU Negotiator Michel Barnier

    At the crossroads

    25 March 2018
    The phony war between the United Kingdom and the European Union is over. Now, for the real deal. However, this agreement (which is not final until all details have been ironed out) comes at a heavy price.
  • Reichstag buiding Germanu Berlin

    The long read: complex, not impossible (part 2)

    27 November 2017
    It is also important to remember that democracy is about deliberation, the competition of ideas and the best way forward. A minority government led by the Christian Democrats is Germany’s best chance to come closer to that idea, and to fight against the idea that constitutional democracy is merely going through the motions – instead of trying to persuade and inspire. That would be the very best antidote against populists from all corners.
  • Reichstag buiding Germanu Berlin

    The long read: complex, not impossible (part1)

    27 November 2017
    Let’s make one thing clear from the start. The Federal Republic of Germany is not facing a constitutional crisis – not by a long stretch. This is despite the Liberals walking away from exploratory negotiations on forming the next federal government with the Christian Democrats (CDU), the Christian Social Union (CSU; which only runs in the state of Bavaria) and the Greens – an alliance that would have been known as the Jamaica Coalition (named after the colours of that country’s flag, with black standing for the CDU/CSU, green for the Greens and yellow for the...
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