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  • European Court of Justice_human rights

    Divided reactions to ECJ ruling on mandatory refugee relocation schemes

    20 September 2017
    The judgment of the European Court of Justice to relocate refugees was met with dividing reactions by the complainant countries. Overall, only 28.242 out of the intended 160.000 refugees have been relocated from Greece (19.702) and Italy (8540) under the scheme so far.
  • Poland city view_Law Blogs Maastricht

    Poland and the EU rule of law framework

    20 June 2017
    Last month the Council of Ministers debated in its meeting of 16 May 2017 the rule of law situation in Poland . It was the first time that the EU ministers discussed the rule of law in a Member State.
  • How to amend the annual EU budget in light of the current refugee crisis

    How to amend the annual EU budget in light of the current refugee crisis

    21 October 2015
    In September 2015 for the second time this year, after a first mobilization of more resources in June 2015 already, [1] the European Commission announced additional financial assistance of €801.3 million from the 2015 EU budget to tackle the current refugee crisis in the European Union (EU). [2]
  • The Greek, the Euro and Democracy

    The Greek, the Euro and Democracy

    15 July 2015
    After months of negotiations between Greece, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union (EU), which acuminated in an overwhelming amount of over 60% of “no”-votes by the Greek citizens to the reforms attached to the second Greek bailout programme last Sunday (5th July), an end to this Greek tragedy is now coming into sight. On Sunday a final decision is to be taken on whether the Greek reform plans will be accepted by the EU in exchange for a third bailout package or whether it will be rejected, in which case a...
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