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  • law_blog_social-distancing_montesquieu

    Parliaments in times of a pandemic – How to ensure functionality?

    28 April 2020
    The current pandemic caused by the Corona virus has had a decisive impact to all areas of life: from moving school and University education online, to shutting down non-essential businesses while a range of emergency measures were adopted throughout the world for those finding themselves unemployed as a result, to global travel restrictions and the closing of national borders even within the Schengen area, there is hardly any area has not been affected by the outbreak.
  • LAW_thu_nguyen_blog on Europe

    A new push for European democracy: what place for (national) parliaments?

    17 March 2020
    Monday, 9 March 2020 marked the 100th day in office of the new European Commission under President Von der Leyen. The Commission had promised to deliver a number of priorities set out in the President’s Political Guidelines by this self-imposed deadline – priorities that, however, do not include any clear strategy on how to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Europe.
  • Law_blog Thu Nguyen Germany

    German Council Presidency – Game changer or paralyzing factor?

    27 February 2020
    On 1 st July 2020 Germany will for the first time in 13 years again take over the rotating six-months Presidency of the Council of the EU – and with the Presidency come high hopes that a Member State with the political weight and capacities such as Germany will be able to significantly push forward the political agenda on EU level.
  • Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the European Parliament

    The presidential refusal to appoint a minister in comparative perspective

    20 June 2018
    On 27 May 2018 Italy was thrown into a post-election political and constitutional turmoil when Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to appoint the designated Minister of Economy and Finance, Paolo Savona, proposed by the Five Star Movement and the League. While not the first time that an Italian President has vetoed the proposed composition of government, it was the first time that he did so on political grounds – in this case because of Savona’s opposition to the single currency.