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  • Hands_older_woman_unlawful euthanasia

    When your consent matters (even if you don’t want it to)

    19 September 2019
    Last week, a court in The Hague acquitted a doctor accused of administering “unlawful euthanasia” to a severely demented patient back in 2016.
  • surfboard_LBM

    How to make surfboards: a checklist for our future graduates

    7 September 2018
    “What kind of skills do we want our graduates to have?” was the main topic of discussion during a recent staff meeting, which got me thinking. As the faculty of law, perhaps the “right” answer would entail something along the lines of: “Our graduates need to be capable of arguing logically, writing eloquently, and deciphering complex legal texts while comprehending the legislative intent behind them and their societal implications.” Not only would such an answer have been rather generic, but it definitely would have been a run-on sentence.
  • Lions mouth

    A thank you letter (or hate mail) for Fred Rodell

    19 February 2018
    Fred Rodell, the once revered Yale Law School professor and the “bad boy of American legal academia” wrote that “[t]here are two things wrong with almost all legal writing. One is its style. The other is its content.” His harrowing words acutely capture my conflicting relationship with (legal) writing, but more on point, it makes the path laid out before me (as someone in legal academia), a more difficult one to take.
  • Uber taxi or is a platform

    The future of the sharing economy

    23 November 2017
    Should Uber be considered as a company that offers transportation services or rather as a digital platform that offers information society services, operating merely to match passengers with drivers?
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