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  • Tech law disruption blog

    How technology disrupts private law

    7 December 2018
    2018 is the first year in history when more than half of the world’s population is online . Since its dawn, the Internet has changed many aspects of daily life. The first wave of the Internet saw a change in communication: the use of e-mails and the rise of Internet browsers facilitated online transactions and marked the beginning of global access to goods.
  • Blog disability and human rights

    Law and technology in higher education and research: a choice or a need?

    29 November 2018
    Technological innovation and law have always made a good pair - as society evolves, so do (some of) our legal needs. Pockets of research expertise on law and technology have been around for decades, and so have law journals on the subject.
  • Amsterdam Privacy conference blog Catalina Goanta

    Why I didn’t sign the petition

    25 September 2018
    In 2018, academic storms start on Twitter. One of them has been the public concern surrounding the sponsors accepted by this year’s Amsterdam Privacy Conference . The Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University was hosting one of the panels at the conference until they withdrew. The reason?
  • Young_Scholars_Forum_MLR

    IACL Younger Scholars Forum (Fukuoka, 25 July 2018) – A Brief Overview

    7 August 2018
    ‘Technology and Innovation: Challenges for Traditional Legal Boundaries’ Workshop The 20th Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL) took place this year in Fukuoka, Japan, between 22-28 July. Apart from bringing together established comparative law scholars from different fields and jurisdictions, the Congress also hosted the first edition of the IACL Younger Scholars Forum, convened by Richard Albert(Professor of Law at the University of Texas at Austin), the former president of the Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society...
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