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  • European Union sovereignty Junker speech

    The hour of European sovereignty

    14 September 2018
    Dat is de titel van de laatste State of the Union op 12 september van Jean-Claude Juncker . Daarmee ligt de focus op de eenheid van de EU en niet alleen intern, maar vooral ook als internationale actor.
  • EU budget_EU begroting _blog

    European budget and the national constitutional state

    1 June 2018
    In May 2018 the European Commission presented the plan of a new financial framework for 2021-2027. In which is stated that the European Commission, among other things, aims to make the subsidies which are given to the countries, conditional upon the level at which a member state complies with EU legislation. (This blog is available in Dutch only)
  • edvard_munch_de schreeuw 1895_MLR

    Street harassment and freedom of speech

    4 January 2018
    Yelling, offensive language, indecent sounds, and to a certain extent even behaviors are being protected as ‘speech’ or as ‘symbolic speech’ by Article 7 of the constitution. If we believe criminal justice is an appropriate instrument, an intervention is only allowed on the part of the national legislative authorities. (Dutch only)
  • politie blog hoofddoekjes

    Dutch police and headscarf policy

    4 December 2017
    No headscarves or other religious expressions in the police, in this way we impair the 'neutral' image associated with the police. (Dutch only)
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