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  • edvard_munch_de schreeuw 1895_MLR

    Street harassment and freedom of speech

    4 January 2018
    Yelling, offensive language, indecent sounds, and to a certain extent even behaviors are being protected as ‘speech’ or as ‘symbolic speech’ by Article 7 of the constitution. If we believe criminal justice is an appropriate instrument, an intervention is only allowed on the part of the national legislative authorities. (Dutch only)
  • politie blog hoofddoekjes

    Dutch police and headscarf policy

    4 December 2017
    No headscarves or other religious expressions in the police, in this way we impair the 'neutral' image associated with the police. (Dutch only)
  • Spanje vs Catalonië

    Secession, independence and constitutional law

    29 November 2017
    Does Spain have a stong case from the perspective of the decentralised unitary state, to prevent Catalonia from the opportunity to gain independence, and therefore take numerous measures? (Dutch only)
  • referendum stembus

    Nogmaals referenda

    31 October 2017
    Nederland raakt niet uitgepraat over referenda. En dat is niet zo gek, gezien de recente ervaringen uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Spanje en natuurlijk het Oekraïne-referendum. In het regeerakkoord staat dat de Wet raadgevend referendum wordt ingetrokken. Wat moeten we nou van referenda vinden?
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