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  • christmas_law_santa claus

    The government should promote insurability of natural disasters, not play Santa Claus!

    13 December 2016
    Published on LBM . To an increasing extent many EU Member States are victim of a variety of natural disasters, including heavy rainfall, flooding, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis. A major problem is that after every new natural disaster politicians often have the tendency to play Santa Claus and provide substantial amounts of compensation to victims.
  • a_pile_of_children_shoes_captured_during_refugees_crisis

    Migration, natural disasters and liability

    16 September 2015
    Refugee crisis and migration may obviously have a lot of different sources. The current refugee crisis in Europe is obviously strongly related to the war in Syria. However, quite often migration and hence a stream of refugees, can also be caused by natural disasters, even by climate change. Some even claim that climate change may lead to huge migration and hence to many environmental refugees.