FullCompensation: transparent research for fairer pain and suffering damages

by: in Law

In scientific research, transparency is key.

This is why I have made the study design and protocols for my project FullCompensation - Rationalising Full Compensation of Non-Pecuniary Damages to Reconcile Equal Treatment and Personalisation publicly available on Dataverse and the Open Science Framework.

With funding from the European Commission, this project aims to create (i) guidelines for adjudicators and (ii) a model legislative proposal for EU Member States to award pain and suffering damages in a way that promotes equal treatment and personalisation. You can find more details on the project aims and methods here and here.

To achieve this goal, the project involves reviewing case law, interviewing adjudicators, and conducting focus groups with stakeholders.

By sharing the protocols for these research activities, I hope to increase research transparency and credibility, while allowing other researchers to critique and build on my work. It will also increase the impact and visibility of the project by reaching policymakers, journalists, and the wider public.

I'm looking forward to sharing my findings and encourage you to follow this blog for updates on FullCompensation!


By Andrea Parziale