Chanel’s ‘Double C’ trade mark loss in China – an unacceptable conclusion?

24 July 2019
Tian Lu in Law

Recently, Chanel Co., Ltd. lost a trade mark infringement case regarding its ‘Double C’ logo in China. The full text of the decision can be visited via here (Google translatable). The case has drawn wide attention and, mostly, negative comments. Does this seemingly-counterintuitive loss indeed, well, err? This Kat is putting her paws on the inquiry…

Tian Lu

Tian Lu holds a LL.B. degree (Shandong University, China, 2010) and a LL.M. degree in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (advanced master program, Maastricht University, 2011). After that she worked in the Global Expert Center of DSM as a trademark law professional.


Tian Joined the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University as a Ph.D. Researcher in 2015 with a CSC scholarship from the government of China. She is also a Ph.D. Fellow of the Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR).


Her Ph.D. research, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mr. Anselm Kamperman Sanders and Dr. Ms. Anke Moerland, concerns the famous trade marks protection in China, U.S. and the EU.


Tian wrote regularly for the known IPKat blog for over a year as the very first InternKat from China. Since January 1 2018 her role changed into the first Asian Correspondent.