Researching with students is my passion

19 March 2019

I love introducing students to the world of research and seeing them light up and enjoy themselves while learning to produce publishable work. For me, the key to being a true educator is to simulate the professional world as closely as possible and give students a taste of what lies beyond their diploma.

Bart van Grinsven

Bart van Grinsven received a Master degree in bioelectronics and nanotechnology from Hasselt University in 2007. Then he was employed by TNO as a development engineer but returned to the BIOSensor group of Hasselt University in 2008 to pursue a PhD degree. He successfully defended his PhD in physics in July 2012, promoted by Prof. Dr. Patrick Wagner and Prof Dr. Michael Schöning. After working as a post doctoral researcher in the same group he then switched to Maastricht University, within the Maastricht Science Programme where he now holds the position of Assistant Professor under the supervsion Prof. Dr. Thomas Cleij. Currently he has published > 40 peer reviewed articles and is an inventor on 8 patents. Furthermore, he was awarded 4 scientific awards:


(1) Best presentation award (2012); Engineering of Functional Interfaces; Session: Biophysics and Medical Physics.

(2) Young Scientist Award (2013); Belgian Physical Society

(3) Mckinsey Award (2013); Mckinsey & Company and the FWO

(4) Edmond Hustinx Award for Sciences (2016); Edmond Hustinx Foundation

An overview of his publication record can be found at