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Ice bucket challenge

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has gone viral. Celebrities like Bill Gates, Charlie Sheen, and the one and only Justin Bieber, have participated in the challenge creating the publicity that have turned it into a hype.  Your timeline is probably filled with people posting their video and nominations, perhaps you’ve even been challenged yourself. I don’t normally pay attention to hypes where you oblige others to do the same like the notorious neknomination. However, the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is different; it tries to combine the hype of challenging people via social media with creating awareness and fundraising for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS.

My main argument is that regardless of how annoying you might think the videos are, the action deserves everyone’s support. However, people participating in the challenge do need to be aware that the main aim is fundraising and publicity for the disease ALS and not the five minutes of fame. The crazier the challenge the better, but it needs to be utilised towards a higher goal. Therefore, I decided to hatch a plan for my own Ice Bucket Challenge. Together with BreakingMaas, we thought it would be a good idea to make a report on it. Ayse Sarah from BreakingMaas was brave enough to join me and take up the challenge. If you’re wondering why I’m only wearing a Speedo, well we don’t have fancy shirts of Maastricht Students like BreakingMaas have. Enough has been said, now it’s time to look at the video yourself!

We have made the donation and as said in the video, we now challenge all UM students to come up with your own original Ice Bucket Challenge and donate money for the ALS foundation!

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Brian Megens studies Media Culture at Maastricht University. He was a contributor to the Maastricht Students blog from August 2014 to April 2016.