Bars you just have to check out

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Bars in Maastricht

In no world, someone comes to a specific town to just study or work (or there’s something wrong with you). And because some of you can’t wait to hit the nightlife, here’s a list of bars that I recommend you to check out for sure.

De ‘Preuverij’

A small and cozy bar right next to the Student Service Center. It is managed by locals and breathes the vibe typical brown cafés have in Limburg. It is both a diner as well as a bar, so you can grab a bite as well. They offer basic meals for a superb price/quality ratio.


  • ‘Zuurvlees’, a traditional Limburg meat-stew
  • ‘Broodje Pierre’, a grilled meat sandwich that just blows you away.

Take one

This very small bar just across the river offers a huge variety of beers. The owners are true experts and can tell you all in and outs of every single beer in there.Recommendation:Have an official beer-tasting here. The owner will give you a tailor made beer selection while giving you an answer to everything you wanted to know about the beers you are drinking.


This bar is also situated next to the SSC, but couldn’t be more different from de Preuverij as it is right now. The modern decoration, the couches that let you drown in them and the loungy vibe will make you feel right at home. This bar serves everything from finger food & cocktails to full grown plates and jugs of beer.


  • ‘Burgermeister’: a 600 gram monster burger that every guy should have conquered before leaving this town.


This bar is well known among the student population. They offer a wide variety of beers in a traditional surrounding an their terrace is always packed whenever the sun shows its face in our wet country. Despite this being awesome characteristics, it’s the beer menu’s that make this bar stand out from the rest. Multiple menu’s for around 15 euro with beers matched to each other based on taste.


  • Try all the beer menu’s you can. Of course you can skip the ‘girly’ menu’s if you feel to big of a man for it, but not finishing a list is not something true die-hards would do (even if it will cost you a bit of your manhood).
  • The nacho’s and cheese are pretty damn good if you have the munchies.


For the simple reason that this is the place where all drunk ass people end. It is the closest thing to a club we have in Maastricht and one of the only bars still open after 2/3. You either hate or love it (the underdog will always end up on top). You’ll figure that one out later;)


  • be very drunk and you will have the time of your life. I always have.

About the author

Joep van Agteren studied Psychology at Maastricht University. He was a contributor to the Maastricht Students blog from October 2010 to August 2013.