Betty Tkadlcikova, alumna master's programmes Media Studies: Digital Cultures and European Studies on Science, Society and Technology

Betty Tkadlcikova studied the master’s programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures in 2016 and decided to do a second master’s programme at FASoS in 2017, namely: European Studies of Science, Society, and Technology. She currently works as a Social Media Officer at the European Committee of Regions.

When we asked her what made her programme(s) so unique, she told us; “I’ve never been so educated and full of knowledge than after my graduation(s) at FASoS. Thanks to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach, I was not just cramming for tests but also actually learning how to solve real-world problems. The best part? Until today, I remember most of the classes I attended and the articles I read. That is what makes Maastricht University so unique - you are not just studying to pass your exams. You are learning for the future that comes after university.”

“I look back at my time in Maastricht with zero regrets. I still consider moving to Maastricht for studies as one of the best decisions of my life.”

We also asked Betty about her student life in Maastricht. She told us that it was not very lavish: “Like most students, I had to stick to a tight budget. However, that is part of the student experience and, luckily, the only downside. My time in Maastricht was filled with fun, amazing friends, my first professional experience, and living in a beautiful town.”

Betty also told us a bit more about her career: “It doesn’t come as a surprise that many FASoS graduates head for traineeships in the EU. However, not everyone realizes that the EU is not only for policy makers and lawyers, but also for communicators. Hence, back in 2018, I applied for a 5 month-long paid traineeship in the social media team of the European Committee of the Regions. I have been there since. For anybody who would like to pursue a career in the EU institutions, the traineeships definitely put your foot in the door. Every Maastricht graduate I know is an independent, proactive, and critically thinker.”

Betty is still in touch with friends she made at FASoS: some of them are my closest friends till today. Although we live in different countries, we keep in touch and visit each other several times per year.”

July 2023