Application procedure HHP Scholarships FASoS


For the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences the application procedure has been changed for academic year 2021/22.

All students qualify automatically for the UM Holland-High Potential scholarship selection round at the moment of completion of the admission for the chosen master programme. This means that students do not have to apply themselves separately for this scholarship programme. After completing Step 1 via Studielink in the scholarship application process, all complete applications are processed and students  have equal opportunities to be awarded this scholarship. The Faculty selects and ranks their top 5 students who are admitted and completes the final selection.

This means that you do not need to upload any documents as indicated in step 2 of the scholarship application procedure and you do not need ask a referee to send a reference letter as per step 3 of the application procedure of the UM Holland-High Potential Scholarship.

Please note that students who want  to be considered for a scholarship, must apply for the Master’s programme before 1 February 2021; after 1 February 2021 you can still apply for the Master’s programme, but you are excluded from from the selection for the UM Holland-High Potential Scholarship.