Maastricht University & the Worldwide Universities Network

In January 2013, Maastricht University became an official member of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). WUN comprises 18 research-intensive institutions spanning 6 continents. In short, WUN aims to create multilateral opportunities for international collaboration in research and graduate education. The WUN network brings together the experience and expertise of academics worldwide and aims to research issues of global concern facing society, governments, corporations and education.

Research Development Fund

WUN re-invests a significant proportion of its membership fees to encourage international collaborative research. The Research Development Fund (RDF) is an annual competitive fund aimed at bringing together researchers to undertake innovative, high quality, sustainable research that addresses the four WUN global challenges:

In 2016, Maastricht University was rewarded RDF funding for a project on Mobility and Higher Education. Other projects that the university has been involved in through the RDF funding the past years include Community of Learning for African PhD fellows (2015) and Recommender Systems in Academia (2014).

Other activities Maastricht University participates in include:

  • Data Analysis with Privacy Protection for Epidemiological Research (DAPPER)
  • Healthy-Polis – Developing Urban Lifecourse Approaches in response to Climate Change
  • Migration, Development and Global Transformations (MDGT)
  • Migration Policy, Welfare Boundary, Social Integration & Health-related Quality of Life of Children from Immigrant Families 
  • A MOOC for WUN: Enabling collaborative education for heterogeneous groups around open research data and popular media 
  • Web Observatory Project 

Call for proposals
The RDF offers grants to foster partnership in the network, including new members as a priority, and support research collaborations in the following WUN Global Challenges:  

Proposals are particularly encouraged that address one or more of these Global Challenges as well as one of WUN’s developing cross-cutting themes in economics, big data, and regional programs of the Global China Group and the Global Africa Group.

Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm CET on Monday 2 October to Ms. Aisling Tiernan. 2 October is UM's internal deadline. All proposals will be reviewed by the internal RDF committee and the outcomes will be communicated internally by 11 October.

The final submission to WUN will take place on Friday 27 October 2017. More detailed information: WUN Research Development Fund 2017 - Guidelines.

“Joining WUN”

  Maastricht University is very pleased to have joined the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). It gives us a unique opportunity to connect with a selected number of international network universities who share our vision on research and education, while at the same time staying connected to their own region.
The research focus of WUN matches very well with the strategic themes of Maastricht University enhancing a content-guided cooperation with our network partners.  

Prof. Dr Martin Paul,
Maastricht University President


  • WUN event: Effects of Brexit on higher education

    Friday, February 17, 2017

    On the 9th of February Maastricht University’s Campus Brussels hosted a workshop of the Worldwide Univerisities Network (WUN) on Brexit.

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  • Worldwide Universities Network Conference brings five continents to Maastricht University

    Friday, April 1, 2016

    Next week almost 400 academics from five different continents will descend on Maastricht for the annual conference of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), hosted by Maastricht University from 2 to 7 April. 

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  • COLA project receives financial support from WUN Research Development Fund 2015

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015


    Dr Mindel van de Laar (UNU-MERIT) received a financial contribution from the WUN Research Development Fund for the Community of Learning for Africa (COLA) project. 

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