All information on this website (including underlying documents) is public information regarding UM-CERT. UM-CERT's operational model is approved by the Executive Board of UM, July 4 2006.

All other information related to UM-CERT operations is strictly confidential. Copies of such information in your possession (electronic and/or hard copy) must be stored in a manner which is not accessible to unauthorised third parties. If it should be necessary to further distribute any of such information in the process of handling UM-CERT incidents or other UM-CERT operational activities this should be done on an individual basis, making use of this disclaimer and with a copy being sent to:  UM-CERT@maastrichtuniversity.NL . 

 Public version of UM-Cert operational model:  UM-CERT operational model (UK)
 Standard RFC-2350 description of UM-CERT:   UM-CERT RFC-2350


  • For abuse reports:
  • For general information on Information Security at UM:
  • Members of UM-CERT participate in SCIRT (In Dutch: SURFcert’s community of practice).


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Office hours
Monday - Friday  8:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Phone number office-hours : (+31)(0)43 38 85555
Fax-number: (+31)(0)43 38 85566 

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