MEMIC facilitates different possibilities for data collection and data processing. We provide different forms of digital questionnaires, paper surveys and interviews by phone.

For simple surveys we can support you with online solutions such as Qualtrics. If you need a more complex questionnaire or if you need to store personal data (GCP certified), you need to consider using castor electronic data capture (edc) tooling or use MEMIC's in house questionnaire software. 

With Castor you can connect to MEMIC's workflow software to keep track of your participants, to send them reminders or be notified if action is required. Castor adheres to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations and has everything you need as a researcher: easily build your own eCRF without programming knowledge, multicenter support including advanced authorization management, stratified randomization, patient surveys via e-mail, import (csv) & export (csv, excel, SPSS,…) data, real-time calculations and field dependencies, much more…

With MEMIC's in house questionnaire you have all of the options castor offers, additionally you will be able to finetune each question individually. Think of complex and custom question designs that might involve changing color sliders that show a set of different questions dependent on previous answers. 

Also MEMIC's questionnaire comes with our export tooling, which will allow you to easily request your research data in SPSS.