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The Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University prides itself on providing the best possible European study abroad experiences inside and outside the classroom. For more than 20 years CES has been organising comprehensive, English language study abroad programmes for international students. Back in 1989, CES began as a pioneer in bringing international students into the Maastricht University classroom. Since then although the individual schools and departments within Maastricht University have established their own exchange contracts with partners all over the world, CES programmes continue to make an important contribution to the university’s international outlook and diversity. 

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      Interested in art, heritage, local food, nature, music?
      This 3-day Festival has more than 20 local Maastricht activites so you can see everything you want to tick off your bucket list before you go!
      Explore museums & beautiful monuments. Enjoy a boat tour, a food workshop, a picnic, a movie, drinks and much more!
      Please keep in mind you need to register for all the activities, including the free ones.

      8 hours 5 min ago
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      Local recommendation.
      Have you been over the St. Servaas bridge to Van Wijck? Great menu and lovely interior, it makes the CES recommendation list for sure!
      📷➡ @chal.guillaume

      1 day 4 hours ago
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      Have you checked out day one of the Meet Maastricht festival?
      It's a culture clash of Maastricht, music and mysteries; created to introduce you to the depths of this wonderful city.

      1 day 5 hours ago

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