Campus Brussels

Maastricht University (UM) Campus Brussels is an inter-faculty community hub for teaching and research that is freely available for use by staff and students of the Maastricht University faculties.


10 Things You Need to Know About Campus Brussels

  • It was set up in 2010 to connect UM staff, students and researchers to EU policy-makers, practitioners and decision-makers
  • It is located close to the European Quarter (2 metro stops away)
  • It has four full-time administrative staff and two part-time academic directors
  • It provides well-equipped rooms for academic lectures, seminars and workshops; working space for UM staff when visiting Brussels; and rents office space to educational and research organisations
  • It offers education and training for professionals through executive courses; and a part-time Ph.D. programme in European Studies for UM alumni and Brussels-based practitioners
  • It organizes regular events for UM alumni, including from European Studies and European Law programmes
  • It functions as a ‘UM embassy’, promoting Maastricht University and the city of Maastricht in Brussels
  • It serves as a platform through which UM staff and students can present and discuss research in progress, disseminate research findings and promote publications and outputs 
  • It monitors EU policy developments in Brussels in the field of education, science and research
  • It helps to implement the UM’s internationalisation strategy and Europe policy, and influence the national and European policy agenda 

For more details about the activities carried out at Campus Brussels, please read our latest annual activity report.

If you would like to find out more about the UM Campus Brussels planned projects for this academic year, please read UM Campus Brussels Workplan for 2020-2021.

Contact: Campus Brussels  +31 433 884 383


Welcome to Maastricht University Campus Brussels!

Find out more about our activities and who we are. 

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Mission of the Campus

International character
In a short period of time, Maastricht University (UM) has established an international reputation based on its innovative approach to learning and its international outlook. With almost 50% of its students and 40% of its teaching and research staff coming from abroad, UM is a highly internationally oriented university. In its research and education, international and European themes are deeply embedded. Within the framework of the UM mission statement – “Leading in Learning” – the university now has an active policy to establish a number of secondary international projects, the latest of which is the UM Campus in Brussels.

Being active since 2010, the UM Campus in Brussels emphasises Maastricht University’s international character. Brussels, the capital of Europe and the heart of European policy-making processes, is in the unique position of being a popular city for international young professionals and also a place where there is a high demand for post-academic courses. With the UM Campus in Brussels, Maastricht University facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between stakeholders in the European Union, such as research institutes think tanks, research funders, industry and businesses.

High quality post-academic courses
In order to facilitate this process, the UM Campus Brussels aims to bring high quality post-academic courses to professionals. The various courses enable participants to broaden and deepen their knowledge in their field of interest or expertise. It is the objective of the Campus to offer academic opportunities to individuals at all stages of their lives, contributing to their professional development purposes and improving their personal qualifications.

Multiple facilities 
Finally, a large number of UM students, Alumni, and UM staff is also active in Brussels. By offering a number of facilities including workspaces, meeting rooms and a lecture hall, the Campus aims to function as a place where they can meet, organise events, work and study, exchange experience and keep their knowledge and UM network up to date.

Coronavirus and UM Campus Brussels

UM Campus and Corona

Due to the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Maastricht University Campus re-opened on 1 September with its premises newly adapted and Covid-19 proof with strict hygiene measures and safety standards in place. The Campus has invested significantly in new equipment (cameras, screens, microphones) to enable meetings and conferences to take place again on site. The Campus now has video conferencing equipment in meeting rooms for remote participation (hybrid events). The duration of the event will have to be limited in order for disinfection protocols to take place in each of the rooms before and after the meetings. Organisers will be asked to air out the room manually for now by opening the windows and having a break whilst this takes place (mechanical ventilation is being looked into). Please note that each event request will be treated independently as to ensure all corona regulations are met.

If you have any questions on how to best organise a meeting or conference at our venue please contact us at campusbrussels[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl or download the brochure here

*All corona regulations are subject to change and are in line with the BE and NL authorities.

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