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Maastricht University (UM) Campus Brussels is strategically situated close to the European institutions, connecting students, academics and alumni to the European professional and decision-making arenas. 

The Campus provides a space at the core of the European capital in order to leverage research expertise prevalent within the UM. As such, it acts as a research community hub to connect UM researchers to EU policy-makers and to a community of international scholars working on the EU and beyond. This in turn creates synergies and further opportunities for international research collaboration.

The Campus also functions as UM embassy. This reaches from gathering information for UM and to building a strong network of contacts. The Campus is also a first point of contact and a ‘linking pin’ for UM staff, students, alumni and partners with Brussels stakeholders. Offices are available for rent within the Campus to further enhance collaboration between the UM and external partners within the realm of teaching and training.

Within the teaching and training ‘pillar’ UM Campus Brussels offers education and training for professionals with executive courses on issues such as Data Protection and Risk governance and with part-time PhD Programmes in European Studies and in Law.



Mission of the Campus

International character
In a short period of time, Maastricht University (UM) has established an international reputation based on its innovative approach to learning and its international outlook. With almost 40% of its students and 30% of its teaching and research staff coming from abroad, UM is a highly internationally oriented university. In its research and education, international and European themes are deeply embedded. Within the framework of the UM mission statement – “Leading in Learning” – the university now has an active policy to establish a number of secondary international projects, the latest of which is the UM Campus in Brussels.

Being active since 2010, the UM Campus in Brussels emphasises Maastricht University’s international character. Brussels, the capital of Europe and the heart of European policy-making processes, is in the unique position of being a popular city for international young professionals and also a place where there is a high demand for post-academic courses. With the UM Campus in Brussels, Maastricht University facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between stakeholders in the European Union, such as research institutes think tanks, research funders, industry and businesses.

High quality post-academic courses
In order to facilitate this process, the UM Campus Brussels aims to bring high quality post-academic courses to professionals. The various courses enable participants to broaden and deepen their knowledge in their field of interest or expertise. It is the objective of the Campus to offer academic opportunities to individuals at all stages of their lives, contributing to their professional development purposes and improving their personal qualifications.

Multiple facilities 
Finally, a large number of UM students, Alumni, and UM staff is also active in Brussels. By offering a number of facilities including workspaces, meeting rooms and a lecture hall, the Campus aims to function as a place where they can meet, organise events, work and study, exchange experience and keep their knowledge and UM network up to date.

Education and Research


Maastricht University has a large amount of expertise in a variety of international and European fields. The UM Campus Brussels offers theme-oriented, English taught, multidisciplinary education, which has an added value to the existing course offer on the Brussels market. Whereas, various institutions and firms offer courses or programmes in Brussels on an ad hoc basis, the number of universities with an own location in Brussels and a fixed course offer, is very limited.

Certified institute
As a certified institute, the UM Campus Brussels grants course-participants internationally accredited certificates based on i.e. ECTS credits, NOVA credits, etc. This can be considered as a significant advantage compared to the average courses that are being offered in Brussels, where participants often get a certificate without official accreditation.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)-system
Another selling point when it comes to teaching entails the interactive and individual approach of the university’s Problem Based Learning (PBL)-system. Research has shown that the PBL system works extremely well for people who have already had working experience. Since it is the prime target to offer mid-career post-academic education, the PBL-system can be considered an asset to the participants of courses.

The combination of the expertise of the large amount of (senior) academic staff members and the manifold of disciplines Maastricht University teaches, offers participants the opportunity to broaden and/ or deepen their knowledge in their field of interest or expertise. To provide this opportunity to professionals and post-academic graduates, UM Campus Brussels offers unique part-time PhD programmes and specialized courses and programmes aimed at professionals working and living in the Brussels region.

Campus Brussels

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