Career & Development Days

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) is far more than an educational institution: we emphasise the value of partnerships, networking and Problem-Based Learning to connect our students to the practising business world. The Career & Development Days is a two-day event designed to engage in activities that promote opportunities for personal and professional development, to connect businesses and organisations with our students. No classes are held during the event to ensure students can attend.

Interested in participating? Watch the video below to learn more about the value and and possibilities we offer. 

Mutual value of participation

By participating in the Career & Development Days, you can support our students’ personal growth and development, as well as help them prepare for their future careers. At the same time, there are many benefits to you. As with all partners of SBE, participating in this event enables you access to students at a top university.

Your participation can directly:

  • Inspire students to identify, develop and realise personal, academic and professional goals
  • Create a platform for connecting with students to exchange knowledge, ideas and innovative thinking
  • Increase your brand awareness and let the future of business see what your company has to offer
  • Provide opportunity for students’ futures to be part of your organisation’s ongoing success

How can you get involved?

At the School of Business and Economics we value your expertise, experience, time and knowledge, and are open to any way in which you want to share these during this event. There are many ways in which you can participate, including:

  • Offering a guest lecture
  • Organising a workshop
  • Taking part in career fairs
  • Joining an information session as an expert
  • Sponsoring a segment of the programme, such as the opening speech

However, if you have other ideas for how you can contribute to and benefit from this event, we would love to talk with you about them and tailor our offerings to suit your vision and needs.

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