Maastricht University implements UM-wide minors that are open for (almost) all Maastricht University bachelor's students. These minors offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with a different field of study. A minor consists of several courses which together provide an excellent introduction to another specialisation or part of it.

You can follow a minor in the fifth semester of your bachelor’s programme. Most UM-wide minors are approximately 24 ECTS.

The advantages of a UM-wide minor:

  • you broaden your knowledge and understanding
  • you return to your own discipline with new insights and ideas
  • you develop academic skills which may receive less attention in your own discipline
  • you increase your chances of moving on to a master’s programme outside your discipline
  • you develop added value for the labour market: you distinguish yourself as an ambitious academic with broad interests.

Data Science student Andrew Gold followed the Entrepreneurship minor to realise his future dream. Read why following this minor was a good choice.

Can anyone do a minor?

Check the overview below to determine whether you can do a minor and click the programme you are currently doing for more details.

Your programme Minors available Permission Board of Examiners required No minors available
Biomedical Sciences          
Arts and Culture          
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence          
Digital Society          
Dutch Law / Rechtsgeleerdheid          
Econometrics and Operations Research          
Economics and Business Economics          
European Law School          
European Public Health          
European Studies          
Fiscal Economics          
Health Sciences          
International Business          
Maastricht Science Programme          
Tax Law / Fiscaal Recht          
University College Maastricht          
University College Venlo