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Between Flexibility and Disintegration - The Trajectory of Differentiation in EU Law

Written by emerging and established experts in the field, the chapters examine the present and future of differentiation in EU law. Part I covers general institutional aspects, with contributors examining the nature and characteristics of the various institutional and extra-institutional forms of differentiation. Part II takes a policy-oriented perspective, focussing on areas of EU law and policy in which differentiated integration is prevalent or particularly intriguing. This includes Economic and Monetary Union, the internal market, justice and home affairs, and foreign policy.

Differentiated integration is now a defining feature of the EU polity, with the potential to impact almost every facet of EU regulation. This book will be essential reading for students and academics in EU law or anyone interested in the future of EU integration.

Authors: Bruno de Witte, Andrea Ott and Ellen Vos
Publish date: February 24th, 2017

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The Competence of the European Union in Copyright Lawmaking

This book inquires into the competence of the EU to legislate in the field of copyright, and uses content analysis techniques to demonstrate the existence of a normative gap in copyright lawmaking. To address that gap, it proposes the creation of benchmarks of legislative activity, reasoning that EU secondary legislation, such as directives and regulations, should be based on higher sources of law. It investigates two such possible sources: the activity of the EU Court of Justice in the pre-legislative era and the EU treaties. From these sources, the author establishes concrete benchmarks of legislative activity, which she then tests by applying them to current EU copyright legislation. This provides examples of good and bad practices in copyright lawmaking and also shows how the benchmarks could be implemented in copyright legislation. Finally, the author offers some recommendations in this regard.

Author: Ana Ramalho
Publish date: December, 2016

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Theoretische rechtswetenschap

In dit boek heeft dr. drs. A.J. Ostachevski LLM de resultaten van zijn onderzoek over de situatie van de huidige rechtswetenschap beschreven. Tijdens het uitgevoerde onderzoek heeft de auteur zich de vraag gesteld: 'wat zijn de empirische rechten en op welke objectieve grondslagen kunnen deze rechten worden gebaseerd?' In verband met deze vraag is door de auteur een analyse van de inhoudelijke theoretische en empirische wetenschappelijkheid van de rechtswetenschap gedaan. Naar verwachting kunnen alle wetenschappers, rechtswetenschappers, juristen, rechters, studenten en andere belanghebbenden en geïnteresseerden met plezier kennis nemen van dit boek.

Author: Anatolij Ostachevski 
Publish date: December, 2016


Copyright Law and the Access to Education
and Knowledge in the Digital Age

Matching Limitations and Exceptions in Portugal, Brazil and Mozambique.

Dissertation on Copyright; Access to Education and Knowledge; Limitations and Exceptions; Internet; Digital Technologies; Developing Countries; USA; UK; Germany; Portugal; Brazil; Mozambique.

Authors: Philipp Usadel.
Publish date: December 20th, 2016

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Companies and Company Law in
late medieval and early modern Europe

This book collects the proceedings of a workshop on the late medieval and early modern history of companies and company law in Europe which was organized in 2012 by the Louvain research unit of Roman Law and Legal History. In total, seven original and innovative articles resulted from the fruitful confrontation of a younger generation's work and the critical scrutiny of some viri sapientes in the field of research at hand. Two of the articles focus on the history of so-called state-regulated companies in England and France, while four address various aspects of general private partnerships and early modern corporate practices as could be observed in the Southern and Northern Netherlands during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. All of the articles are based on original research efforts and present a variety of new insights on the topic at hand.

Authors: Bram van Hofstraeten, Wim Decock.
Publish date: December 15th, 2016

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Young Corporate Lawyers 2016

In deze bundel zijn acht artikelen opgenomen die zijn geschreven rondom een actueel en maatschappelijk relevant thema: herstructurering van ondernemingen. Sommige artikelen zijn Europees of internationaalrechtelijk georiënteerd, terwijl andere zijn gelegen in het hart van het nationale ondernemingsrecht. In een aantal artikelen wordt het ondernemingsrecht gecombineerd met flankerende rechtsgebieden, zoals het insolventierecht. Deze bijdragen zijn zowel voor de wetenschapper als voor de praktijkjurist van groot belang.

Authors: mr. dr. J.J.A. Hamers, mr. dr. S. Renssen, prof. mr. C.A. Schwarz, mr. dr. R.A. Wolf.
Publish date: October 14th, 2016

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Fundamentals of EU VAT Law

Fundamentals of EU VAT Law aims at providing a deep insight into the systematics, the functioning and the principles of the European Value Added Tax (VAT) system. VAT is responsible for generating approximately EUR 903 billion per year in tax revenues across the European Union – revenues that play a huge role in budgetary policymaking in the Member States. This extremely useful book provides not only a thorough description of the current state of EU VAT law, but also a detailed explanation of the system’s rationale and its legislative provisions. It puts the elements of the system in perspective and shows how they are linked to each other. The focus lies on the rules which can be deduced from the sources of EU VAT law and on their application in practice.

Authors: Ad van Doesum, Herman van Kesteren, Gert-Jan van Norden.
Publish date: Juli 22th, 2016

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