Principal Investigator - Dr. Bram Van Hofstraeten
Since 2016, Dr. Bram Van Hofstraeten is working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Law. As a legal historian, he is a member of the department 'Foundations and Methods of Law'. As far as his research activities are concerned, the focus lies on the history of commercial law in early modern Europe in the first place. As a lecturer, Van Hofstraeten takes part in the courses 'Legal History' and 'Metajuridica' at Maastricht University, while at the same time coordinating the course 'Legal History' at Hasselt University in Belgium. As principal investigator of the VIDI-project, Bram’s research focuses on private partnerships in early modern Liège.

PhD candidate 1 - Drs. Patrick Naaktgeboren
Patrick Naaktgeboren began working as a PhD candidate for the Department of Foundations and Methods of Law in September 2017. As one of the team members of the VIDI project, his subproject focuses on private partnerships in early modern Antwerp. In 2015, he received his MA in medieval and early modern history from Leiden University. His MA thesis was about the urban environment of late medieval Dordrecht, in which he examined the city government’s environmental policy in relation to infrastructure and sanitation. 

PhD candidate 2 - Drs. Manon Moerman
Manon Moerman has studied both History and Law at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Since the first of September 2017, Manon is working as a PhD candidate at Maastricht University (department ‘Foundations and Methods of Law’) on the second subproject: private partnerships in Amsterdam during the 17th and 18th centuries. Her main research interests include: contract law, early modern history, paleography and legal history.