Contract education

Are you interested in a single course or multiple courses? This is possible on a contract basis, which allows you to participate in courses and take exams. In addition, you are provided the opportunity to use the University Library and other UM facilities.

The fee for attending a course on a contract basis is determined by the number of European Credit Transfer System (study load) of each course: € 136, - per credit for both bachelor's and master's courses. This fee is subject to change. Fees must be paid no later than two weeks before the first session.

Please note: If payment has not been received before the relevant date, you can be de-registered as a contract student and are not allowed to participate in the courses.

Registration deadlines 2023-2024

Registration for education (and therefore automatically for the first-chance exam)

Education period

Registration starts on

Registration period end at midnight Dutch time

Education period 1

1 June 2023

23 July 2023

Education period 2

1 June 2023

17 September 2023

Education period 3

1 June 2023

12 November 2023

Education period 4

1 June 2023

3 December 2023

Education period 5

1 June 2023

25 February 2024

Education period 6

1 June 2023

21 April 2024

Admission Requirements

You are admitted to a programme’s propaedeutic phase if you meet the admissions requirements (proof of your current or previous Bachelor education, or a diploma that is at least equivalent to the Dutch pre-university certificate, a VWO diploma, or a HBO diploma). You are permitted to years 2 and 3 of a bachelor’s programme only if you hold a propaedeutic diploma in Dutch Law or have passed all components of the propaedeutic phase of a law programme (and submit a certificate to that effect).
Exceptions can be made on the basis of relevant work experience. For master’s courses, you need a bachelor’s degree. 

If you are registered as a contract student, you are allowed to follow the courses agreed on. You will receive access to the Student Portal as well as access to a temporary email account and a UM card. You can also take exams and do assignments. Exam components taken as part of contract education cannot entitle the contract student to the award of a degree. For passing an exam successfully, you will receive a certificate. And finally, contract education does not entitle you to financial assistance (studiefinanciering) from the Dutch government.


Contract education application forms must be received before the end of the relevant deadline. Send your application form to: After registration you will be notified regarding the admission as soon as possible.

For the application, the following documents should be provided:
 copy of your passport or ID card (no copy of driving license) in pdf format
 recent passport photo in jpg format 
 certified copy of your previous education
 a Dutch visa valid on the moment of application and education (only for Non-EU student). Read more about applying for a Dutch visa.


Cancellation is only possible until three weeks before the start of the course. In case of cancellation the costs will be refunded, minus € 50,- administration costs. After the expiry of the said cancellation period, refunds are no longer possible.

Application form

Download the application form.

Send the application form to before the end of the relevant deadline.