Boost your students' employability and wellbeing

Students face lots of new experiences and challenges during their studies. By learning how to deal with these situations, they develop their personal and professional skills. As an employee at Maastricht University, you have an important role in their development. UM Career Services created some services that. 

Online Coaching Modules for staff

UM Career Services and UM Psychologists have designed and developed several online modules to support staff members in their coaching and/or supervising role such as mentors, coaches and tutors. These modules contain theory and coaching models. However, above all they contain many practical tips, tools and exercises to develop your most essential coaching skills and competences. The modules can be found in Canvas and are accessible for all UM employees.

The modules:

  • Coaching skills
  • Advanced coaching skills
  • Coaching competence development
  • Addressing challenging behavior
  • Help! My student wants a job

Do you want to foster your students’ employability and wellbeing? Do you want to support them in setting concrete goals, developing their competences and making themselves more resilient and employable? Get started now.

Toolkit to support student employability

The Employability toolkit is a collection of useful practices for educational and supportive staff to reflect on, and design educational activities and curricula that help students to think about, and work on developing those competencies that are relevant for their employability. It aims to make explicit, to staff and students, which competencies students are implicitly developing by actively engaging in educational activities, curricula, and supportive services, and how they do so.

The toolkit is an interactive document for the benefit of the Employability community at Maastricht University.

Workshops and training modules for staff

At UM, we care about our students’ employability, wellbeing. With our slogan “it takes a community to support a student”, we think every member of the university and society has his own contribution to students’ employability and wellbeing. We developed a programme to guide all staff of the university through this task. Experiential learning, observation, self-reflection and feedback are the cornerstones of all activities in our programme.


In the workshop Fostering employability & wellbeing, we introduce you to UM Career Services & UM Psychologists and their services for students, staff and peer supporters.
In addition, we will introduce you to (online) supporting tools (such as the Overview Career Links, E-health Modules by Caring Universities, referral chart, manual suicide prevention) that can help you and your students to find answers to employability and wellbeing related questions. Together, we will discuss several cases and find out where you as staff member can refer students to for the right support.

Red - Support your students’ professional development
UM Career Services supports you to support your students on topics of employability.
Designed to train mentors, coaches and tutors on coaching and mentoring skills, our coaching modules (Coaching skills and Student competence development) are used at all faculties. Participants are students and staff in a mentoring or coaching role, e.g. in bachelor, master or honours programmes.
Coaching skills is the foundation of the training programme. It is used for training first-time mentors and tutors. Student competence development has been designed for staff that coaches students in their competence development (e.g. Learning & Development in organizations, honours programmes). 

Coaching skills is the foundation of the training programme for first-time mentors and tutors. Student competence development is designed for staff that coaches students in their competence development (e.g. Learning & Development in organizations, honours programmes). 

Communication skills (blue)
Additionally, faculties and service centres can choose 1-hour theme modules (dark blue), to mix and match the specific training needs of their coaches and mentors. We also offer two supporting modules (light blue): Intervision (peer group reflection) and a Case clinic (high-paced practice with real-life cases).

What did participants especially like about our sessions?

  • ‘Very hands-on and full of examples’
  • ‘Tools to help students in need’
  • ‘The open discussion among group members’
  • ‘Having an overview of all services’
  •  ‘The combination of background and practice’
  • ‘The contents were directed to the needs of the participants’
  • ‘The opportunity to share experiences, to get immediate feedback. A moment of reflection, learning from other people’s experiences’
  • ‘Getting a chance to practice coaching in the training session’

Are you interested in one or more modules for your staff? Please contact your UM Career Services account manager (see below).

Support for students

As a UM employee, it is good to know the student offer of UM Career Services. If needed, you can refer your students to (one of) the services below.

Canvas page ‘Your Employability and Wellbeing’
In the Canvas course 'Your Employability & Wellbeing', you can find the complete offer of both UM Career Services and UM Student Wellbeing. Here you can find all online modules, an overview of our group offer, the individual services and a list of recommended online tools.

Employability Portal
On the Employability Portal, a tab in the UM Student Portal, students can find a broad range of opportunities to improve their employability skills. These include the best vacancy search engines, interesting internet tools and upcoming (networking) events of both internal and external parties. The Employability Portal is only visible for students.

Workshops, lectures and training courses
By participating in lectures, workshops and training courses, students get the chance to develop themselves personally and professionally. All lectures, workshops and training courses are taught in English and/or Dutch and currently take place either online or on campus. Maastricht University alumni can participate until six months after graduation.

Individual support
UM Career Services offers a wide range of individual support services that may be helpful in answering questions about study choices and career prospects. In a Quick Career Advice or during the Walk-in hours, students may already find answers regarding their CV, application letter or LinkedIn profile. It’s also posible to make a follow-up appointment with a career counsellor to obtain personal advice regarding their study and career choices. If needed, UM Career Services refers to other support services such as UM Psychologists, UM Student Deans, study advisers and the International Student Helpdesk.

Account managers

Would you like to sign up for a staff workshop? Or would you like to know what we could do for your faculty and/or study programme? We are happy to think along to find a suitable offer.

UM Career Services’ contact persons per faculty and for study & student associations:

  • FASoS: Dieke Cornelissen
  • Law: Dieke Cornelissen
  • FHML: Romy Beuken
  • FPN: Dieke Cornelissen
  • FSE: Romy Beuken
  • SBE: Romy Beuken
  • All study and student associations: Dieke Cornelissen & Romy Beuken

Dieke Cornelissen 

Romy Beuken

Student Wellbeing

Does a student come to you with psychological complaints or perhaps even suicidal thoughts? Find out how to refer them to the right care.