Yolande Hobbs (Y.H.)


Yolande Hobbs is a Lecturer in the Department of Organisational Strategy and Entrepreneurship. She has a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Roosevelt (Utrecht University) (2020), majoring in Antiquity, Art History, and Rhetoric. She completed her MSc in International Business specializing in Entrepreneurship and Business Development from Maastricht University (2021).


Yolande's academic interests relate to the art market, auction house behavior, archaeology, humourology, crowdfunding, and behavioral entrepreneurship.


She lectures at master's and bachelor's level courses at SBE and UCM on topics such as entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation. Alongside her teaching, Yolande attends and presents at seminars and has been published in peer-reviewed academic books.





  • Hobbs, Yolande. "A Response to Danielle Gravond." Speaking in the Past: Heritage, Discourse, and Publishing in the Digital Age. Edited by Hochscheid, Helle, and Peter Schultz, 189-195. Theran Press, 2021.