What personal data does UM process ?

An overview of the categories of (special) personal data that UM may process is set out below:

Category of personal data Examples
Name and address details Naam, adress, postal code,
Age-related data age and date of birth
Contact details email address(es) and telephone number(s)
Nationality Second/third nationality, place of birth
Education and professional experience CV, certificates, diplomas
Financial data IBAN, credit card details, salary, income,
statements of expenses
Identification data BSN number, ID document number,
passport photo
Student file-related data Academic progress, marks,
completed education, degree programme,
assessments, matching, student ID,
binding study advice, incident record,
allocations from funds (e.g. student assistance fund)
Alumni-related data Email address, telephone number,
address for correspondence, nationality,
language preference, academic details,
career information,
information on interaction with UM
(e.g. participation in events), 
details of relationship status,
subscription to newsletters, alumni circle institutions,
personal data shared for a specific purpose
(e.g. dietary requirements), 
financial information relating to sponsorship
Account data Login details, social media accounts, IP addresses
Location data Logging data, IP address, building access data
Usage data for UM facilities Logging data, IP address, location data
Biometric data Passport photo
Photos and video images Visual materials, promotional materials,
camera images
Medical data Data relating to illness and absence,
data relating to physical or mental disabilities,
special circumstances in the context of study delay
Academic research Data (created) in the context of
academic research