From stereolithography to extrusion-based 3D printing with renewable and recyclable network polymers


Picture this: 3D printing is booming, but there's a catch—about half of the materials used are not eco-friendly. These materials, called cross-linked photopolymers or thermosets, are made from fossil fuels and cannot be recycled, repaired, or reprocessed. It is a problem, especially with the growing concern about plastic waste.


In VITRIPRINT we will make 3D printing more sustainable by the use of biobased raw materials, cleaner synthesis, smart design and design for circularity. On top of that, we will work on showcasing successes via demonstrators.

In a nutshell, this project is a game-changer. It is taking 3D printing materials to the next level, offering a practical solution to the environmental challenges tied to the crazy growth of 3D printed stuff. So, get ready for a greener, more sustainable future in 3D printing!