Making your way to Maastricht

When travelling to the Netherlands, you most likely don't arrive in the city of Maastricht, but at a different location nearby. But no worries: with the information below and with information provided by  you will find your way to your new home in no time.

Green travel options

UM is committed to promoting a more sustainable way of traveling to both students and staff. Therefore, we encourage students who have a travel time within 8-13 hours to take the train or bus as much as they can. By choosing a more environmentally friendly option such as the train or bus, your journey would emit less carbon and be more energy efficient.

The bus company FlixBus operates in nearly all of Europe and offers a cheap and reliable alternative. We have developed an interactive train travel check to help simplify decision-making. Here, you can see the direct carbon impact of your trip, the travel distance and possible train destinations within 8-13 hours of reach from Maastricht. It's easy to go through the map and compare the different options.
Click here to open the interactive train travel check 

Do you want to calculate the direct CO₂ impact of your trip yourself? The following tools are easy to use. Just fill in the required information and the calculations are done on the spot:
For train travel, use the CO₂ calculator of  
For trips by plane, we advise you to use the calculator of  

General travel directions to Maastricht Central Station