Let rooms or offices

Students and employees book a wide variety of spaces for different types of activities. Available spaces vary from small rooms that can provide a place to study to large lecture halls that can be used during events. Many of these spaces can also be let by external parties. 


Spaces for students and staff

Students and staff can book rooms. Staff can do this via e-roombooking . Students can do this via the Student Portal.

Some rooms can be booked by email. Please read the following document to find out more: How to find a room

Spaces for external parties

Are you not connected to UM, but would you like to let rooms at one of our locations? Contact the Servicepoint of UM Facility Services (for contact details, please consult the grey text box at the top of this page).

Office spaces for student organisations

Maastricht University has special office arrangements for student organisations at the Gebroeders Hermanstraat.

Please contact the Student Initiative Helpdesk for more information.

Karl Dittrich lecture hall (KD hall)

Are you looking for an elegant room that can be used for education, conferences, meetings, presentations or debates? You may want to consider the Karl-Dittrich lecture hall at the SSC, located on the Bonnefantenstraat 2. This hall is completely equipped with all the modern equipment you need to make your meeting a success. 

For more information, please contact the team 'Facility and Operational Building Manager BON2', + 31 (0)6 18 60 55 24 or 31 (0)6 18 46 28 94. Reservation of the KD hall can only be done by employees of Maastricht University. Please send an email to: gebouwenbeheer-ssc@maastrichtuniversity.nl.