UM email account, UMcard, Certificate of Enrolment

UM email account

Every new student receives a UM email account from Maastricht University which should be used from then on to carry out all correspondence with the university. The email account is accessible via webmail.
The advantage of webmail is that it is accessible from any location and you always have access to your email, address book and agenda.
What is possible with webmail?

  • Read, write, send and receive emails
  • Delete, search and organise your emails
  • Create filters that automatically delete emails, organise them into specific folders, or forward them
  • Organise your agenda
  • Search for email addresses
  • Synchronise with your mobile device

 Click here to use webmail  


After completing your registration with Maastricht University (UM) for the first time and issuing the university with all required documents, you will receive a UMcard. 

The UMcard is your university ID and copy card, and gives access to UM buildings and facilities, including the University Library. Visit the webpages of our facility services or see the brochure for more information.

The Student Services Centre (SSC) is responsible for issuing the cards. The SSC will invite you by email to sign up for a timeslot for picking up your UMcard.


Certificate of Enrolment Maastricht University

If you have met all enrolment requirements and you are officially enroled as a student at Maastricht University (UM), you will receive a Certificate of Enrolment from UM. The certificate shows your personal details, study programme information and the exact period that you are enroled as a student at UM. Each year you will receive a new Certificate of Enrolment.

It may happen that a company such as a housing agency, sports club, bank or insurance company needs to see your Certificate of Enrolment to check if you are registered as a student this academic year. In certain situations UM could also ask for your Certificate of Enrolment, for example during examinations (this varies by study programme).

You can apply for additional copies of the Certificate (free of charge) at the Information Desk of the Student Services Centre (SSC):
+ 31 43 38 85 388
Or alternatively, you can visit our Information Desk at the Visitors’ Centre: Bonnefantenstraat 2.