Student guidance

Do you need help, support or advice? There are people who can help you.

Social Safety Team for students

Students at Maastricht University who experience undesirable behaviour can go to a confidential adviser. Undesirable behaviour can assume many forms such as sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying and discrimination or unfair treatment.

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Student deans

Students from Maastricht University can consult one of the student deans for information and advice about their legal position as a student. The student deans work across the university and are independent. They will be happy to help you find a solution. They will treat all information that you share with them in the strictest confidence.

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Study advisers

Students at Maastricht University can consult a study adviser to discuss their personal development and plans for the future. Want to get the most out of your study? And wonder how you can bring your study and extracurricular activities more in line with your goals? Together with a study adviser you can examine how you can develop your talents and skills further.

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Career advice

Students at Maastricht University can consult a career adviser from UM Career Services for questions about study and career choices, as well as questions about the job market. The career advisers help you with all your questions about your career.

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Psychological support

Everyone feels a little bit out of sorts sometimes. You can notice this in various ways: From fear of failure, procrastination and problems with planning to eating disorders, stress, gloominess and even depression. Does this sound familiar to you? You are not alone. Our team of student psychologists can help you.

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The InnBetween (Student Chaplaincy)

Students who are looking for personal support or a listening ear can come to the student pastorate: The InnBetween. Everybody is welcome regardless of their faith or background. 

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Student wellbeing

Performing academically, professionally and personally might be challenging. We understand that you might not always know how to handle the challenges you are faced with during your studies. Within UM, there are many initiatives, programmes and plans that can contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing and your personal and professional development.

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Your health

Students with questions about their health or with covid-19 related questions can contact health counselling. For international students it can be unclear how the Dutch healthcare system works or you might have questions about your health insurance.

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International Student Helpdesk (ISH)

Do you want help with Dutch letters from the municipality? Do you want to know if you need Dutch health insurance? Are you eligible for social benefits and would you like to have more information? If you have these questions, you are more than welcome to come to our International Student Helpdesk (ISH).

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Disability Support

Are you a student at UM who has a physical, psychological and/or sensory disability, a chronic disease or another condition such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism or Crohn's disease? Then you can apply for (financial) support via Disability Support to make studying with your disability easier.

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