Student Project Team (SPT)

The Student Project Team (SPT) is a group of four students tasked with ensuring the university services will be student-friendly. They work as a body under the Student Services Centre (SSC), advise university departments on their projects and organise their own projects and events.

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SPT projects

The SPT designs, develops and contributes to UM projects, always with the student perspective in mind.

Projects run by the SPT:

  • Student Panel: feedback sessions organised for UM departments to ensure university services will be student friendly.
  • Student Idea Competition: annual competition of student projects aimed at improving UM. Students receive support in developing their project ideas and the three best ideas are rewarded with the finances needed to make them a reality.

Projects supported by the SPT:

  • Student Initiative Helpdesk: a central platform providing information needed to start and successfully run student initiatives, projects and associations in Maastricht.
  • Applicant Journey: redesigning the application process for prospective UM students.
  • Team Student Progression: improving the functions of the Student Portal.
  • Student Experience Survey: student surveys aimed at gathering student feedback on various topics.

The Student Panel

During a Student Panel session, students provide feedback on issues important to both students and the university. A panel consists of approximately 15- 20 students and is held around once every month.

The feedback is provided to a UM department or an external organisation (e.g. the municipality). The panel sessions give the concerned UM department (or external organisation) insight about student experience and interests on various topics. The feedback is used by UM departments and external organizations in their projects.

The SPT’s role is organising the sessions, and brining students and the UM department (or external organisation) together.

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Members of the Student Project Team 2022/23

Okeeno Hamilton, Team leader / Internal Coordinator

Laura Tardivo, External representative
Maksimilijan Boban, Treasurer
Mateusz Kubow, Promotion coordinator

Previous teams

Student Project Team 2021/22 2020/21 2019/20 2018/19 2017/18 2016/17
Team leader Yannah Winkler Sara Fornasiero Hector Rubin Arianna De Petris Thomas Devine Pleunie Simons
Vice team leader Otto Heijboer Lech Lipinski Laura Speth Jur Schilp Rob van der Horst Barbara Caron
Treasurer Thandi Mutua Kornelija Zilionyte Sander Lemmens Jaimy van Dijk Karol Skalski Gisela Garrido Veron
Promotion coordinator Lilla Somogyvári Maria Zilincikova Dora Gozukara Loukia Hadjiyianni David Kaik Maximilian Timmerman
Student Project Team 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14
Team leader Lucia Tetley Lucy van Dieijen Yvon Heijmans
Vice team leader Szymon Czerny Lorenza de Domenico Thomas Schäfer
Treasurer   Krzysztof Adam Górski Luka Delsing
Promotion coordinator Simone Maassen Elisa Jansen Céline Charles