The UM image bank

Maastricht University has a digital publishing platform (Brandspot). A publishing platform is an application that allows users to manage, create and (re)order communications material through their internet browser.

The platform consists of three parts:
1.   Library (image bank): a database for photos, logos, fonts, videos, texts, etc.
2.   Studio: a system for creating, editing and translating documents using templates.
3.   Webshop: an application for ordering documents or other material (produced externally or created using the platform) from a fixed network of suppliers.

The image bank contains a large collection of photographic material commissioned by UM. The results of all photo shoots commissioned by MUO/Marketing & Communications are stored here and made accessible for use in UM-branded communications. The faculties and schools also store their own photo collections in the image bank, which is managed by the central image editor.

The image bank contains photographic material featuring:

  • Students (at UM and in everyday life)
  • Studying (PBL, lectures, tutorials)
  • Research
  • Reportages (Dies Natalis, Opening of the Academic Year, etc.)
  • Recruitment (Open Days etc.)
  • Portraits (students and employees)
  • UM buildings and locations
  • Maastricht and the region
  • Campuses (Venlo, Brussels)
  • and more


UM employees who deal with visual material and photography in their work can request a user account and user’s manual for the image bank from the central image editor.

Employees can also apply for an administrator account on behalf of their faculty, school or service centre (one per UM unit). This account enables users to upload and organise images, tag them with search terms and delete them. Holders of an administrator account can make an appointment for a brief training session with the central image editor.