A. Soroiu

Alex Soroiu started his academic journey at the University of Deusto, earning both a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations in 2020. This combined program allowed Alex to explore the connections between law and society within the international context.  In particular, he studied how legal systems interact with global institutions, function in multi-level governance contexts and an increasingly interdependent world.

Complementing these foundations, Alex pursued a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in European Law at Maastricht University, graduating in 2021. His master's studies allowed a deeper understanding of the European legal system, most notably regarding the European institutional and governance framework, as well as the functioning of the internal market.

Following his studies, Alex stepped into the role of a junior lecturer at Maastricht University's International and European Law Department. From August 2021 to August 2022, this phase of his journey was marked by rich interactions with students and fellow academics, fostering a shared space for learning and discovery.

In September 2022, Alex started a new chapter as a Ph.D. researcher. His project focuses on the intricate relationships between the global and the European levels, more particularly regarding the reference of global technical standards in EU law. His research is concerned with the democratic legitimacy of incorporating these standards within EU law. Through his investigative work, Alex aims to shed light on the dynamic interplay between various actors and institutions at national, European, and global levels, and how these interactions shape the democratic legitimacy of incorporating technical standards in the EU legal framework. His research, thus, not only seeks to contribute to academic knowledge but also has practical implications for the EU regulatory framework and democratic debate.