School of Business and Economics

Honours programme for bachelor’s students

When you choose to follow an SBE excellence programme, you choose to deepen or broaden the knowledge you gain in your regular study programme. You will receive additional education using the Problem-Based Learning approach. You will follow skills trainings, take part in SBE Case Competitions and conduct additional research (next to MaRBLe). Each student in the honours programme is guided by a personal academic advisor.

Additional ECTS credits during your second year

During your second year, you can earn additional ECTS credits by taking part in extra research or writing a paper. You could also choose to organise a lecture series during your second year. It is important to know that attendance is compulsory for the honours colloquium.

Participation in MaRBLe during your third year

In the third year, MaRBLe is part of the honours programme. This component doesn’t give you any additional ECTS credits, but you do get a lot of research experience. You will finish your participation in MaRBLe with a mini-symposium, where you share your research with a poster presentation of your paper.

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Who can apply?

First-year students with a GPA of 8 or higher, achieved over the 7 best exams on the first sitting, will be invited for an informational meeting in May. Each year, between 50 and 100 students are invited to attend.

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