Circular Biobased Thermosets from Cashew Nutshells

Totally Nuts

The main objective of the Totally Nuts project is to develop new sustainable and economically viable biobased epoxy thermosets and thermoset composites from cashew nutshell residue.

Joining force with many other academic and industrial partners, the entire cycle of transforming cashew nutshell from a waste to functional material will be developed and optimized. This process involves the pyrolysis and extraction of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), the purification of CNSL to obtain target component cardanol, the development of recyclable cardanol based epoxy thermosets (UM Contribution) and further development of biocarbon (also byproduct from pyrolysis) filled epoxy thermosets, as well as comprehensive evaluation of environment and economic values of the final processes.

The resulting recyclable thermoset material have the potential to have increased mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. The success of this project serves as a catalyst for the development of sustainable solutions in the thermoset industry and contributes to the sustainable application of cashew nut residue