Overview of our latest and upcoming PhD defences.


 Jessica Berkvens | 2 November | 2023 | 13.00 hrs
Osteoporosis and fractures in institutionalized patients with refractory epilepsy and intellectual disability
Supervisors: Prof. dr. H. Majoie; Prof. dr. J. van den Bergh    
Co-Supervisor: Dr. S. Mergler (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)

 Nikita van de Burgt | 7 november 2023 | 10.00 hrs
The many faces of psychosis - A novel approach to identify and classify rare forms    
Supervisors: Prof. dr. T. van Amelsvoort; Prof. dr. P. Martinez-Martinez    
Co-Supervisor: Dr. N. Leibold

 Anna Willems | 9 november 2023 | 16.00 hrs  
Movement disorders in psychiatry as symptom, as side effect, and as risk factor    
Supervisor:  Prof. dr. P. van Harten    
Co-Supervisor: Dr. D. Tenback, Centrum voor transculturele psychiatrie Veldzicht, Balkbrug

 Emma Boersma- von Scheibler | 14 november 2023 | 10.00 hrs  
Characterization of genetic neurodevelopmental disorders at adult age, with a focus on 22q11.2 deletion syndrome    
Supervisors: Prof. dr. T. van Amelsvoort    
Co-Supervisors: Dr. H. Boot, UM/ ’s Heeren Loo; Dr. A. van Eeghen, UvA/ ‘s Heerlen Loo

 Dean Paes | 17 november 2023 | 10.00 hrs   
Double Degree Maastricht University - Hasselt University/tUL        
Picking the best isoform PDE4D isoforms as therapeutic targets in Alzheimer’s disease
Supervisors: Prof. dr. D. van den Hove (Maastricht University); Dr. T. Vanmierlo (Hasselt
Co-Supervisor: Prof. dr. N. Hellings (Hasselt University)

 Daan van Kruining | 23 November 2023 | 10.00 hrs
Lipids as Biomarkers for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease and its Pathogenic Mechanism.
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. P. Martinez-Martinez; Prof. Dr. D. Linden; Prof. Dr. M. Honing

 Zeinab Mohamed Mamdouh Abdelkareem Gomaa | 27 november 2023 | 16.00 hrs
De-novo construction of organ-agnostic cancer modules and therapeutic application    
Supervisor: Prof. dr. H. Schmidt    
Co-Supervisor: Dr. C. Nogales Calvo

 Sriganesh Kamath | 28 november 2023 | 10.00 hrs
Assessment and management of perioperative pain in neurosurgical patients    
Supervisors: Prof. dr. H. Steinbusch; Prof. dr. S. TN, Bangalore; Prof. dr. G.S. Umamaheswara Rao, Bangalore    

 Hannah Bernhard | 30 november 2023 | 13.00 hrs
In the event of memory: Behavioral and brain processes supporting the formation of episodic memories    
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. P. de Weerd    
Co-Supervisors: Dr. J. Reithler; Dr. R. Rouhl



 Carmen van Hooijdonk | 1 December 2023 | 10.00 hrs
On the bumpy road of psychotic disorders: Paving new avenues for personalized treatment approaches by examining neurochemical changes in psychosis and related disorders.
Supervisors: Prof. dr. T.  van Amelsvoort; Prof. dr. J.P. Selten; Prof. dr. J. Booij (Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC)

 Stella Voulgaropoulou | 5 December 2023 | 13.00 hrs
Modeling the brain: Mechanisms underlying the interplay between the multiple facets of stress and cognition
Supervisor: Prof. dr. T.  van Amelsvoort
Co-Supervisors: Dr. D. Hernaus; Dr. C. Vingerhoets

 Michel van Hooren | 7 December 2023 | 10.00 hrs
The impact of oropharyngeal dysphagia and dysphonia on health-related quality of life in Parkinson’s disease
Supervisors: Dr. L.W.J. Baijens; Prof. dr. B. Kremer
Co-Supervisor: Dr. W. Pilz

 Agorastos Agorastos | 11 December 2023 | 10.00 hrs
The balance within: Factors influencing neurovisceral autonomic responsiveness to endocrine and pharmacological stress challenges
Supervisor: Prof. dr. K. Schruers
Co-Supervisor: Dr. N. Leibold

 Shuhe Zhang | 11 December 2023 | 13.00 hrs
Single Retinal Image Restoration
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Carroll A.  Webers;Dr. Tos T. Berendschot
Co-Supervisor: Dr. R. Duits, Eindhoven University of Technology

 Lieke Bakker | 15 December 2023 | 13.00 hrs
The Kynurenine Pathway and Cognitive Functioning; A Transdiagnostic Approach
Supervisors: Dr. S. Köhler; Prof. Dr. F. Verhey
Co-Supervisor: Dr. I. Ramakers; Dr. S. Eussen

 Jennifer Monereo-Sánchez | 18 December 2023 | 10.00 hrs
Segmenting the human brain in population bases studies: Methodological considerations and clinical applications in diabetes, depression, and dementia
Supervisors: Prof. dr. D.Linden;Dr. M. Schram;Dr. J. Jansen



 Jurriaan Brekelmans | 6 October 2023 | 10 hrs
New Developments in the Treatment of Corneal Ectatic Disorders
Supervisor: Prof. dr. R. Nuijts
Dr. M. Dickman; Prof. dr. A. Marcovich (Kaplan Medical Center, Israel)

 Laila Hasmi | 6 October 2023 | 16 hrs
Network Complexity Modelling of Psychopathology to Encompass Symptoms, Genetic and Environmental Influences
Supervisors: Prof. dr. J. van Os; Prof. dr. S. Guloksuz
Dr. M. Drukker

 Mathew Francis | 9 October 2023 | 10 hrs
A Comprehensive Study of Corneal Tissue Responses to Customized Surgical Treatments
Supervisors: Prof. dr. R.  Nuijts; Dr. R. Shetty (Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Bangalore, India)
Co-Supervisor: Dr. A.S. Roy (Narayana Nethralaya Foundation, Bangalore, India)

 Radulfus J.S. van Mechelen | 16 October 2023 | 16 hrs
Preclinical validation of antifibrotic implantables for use in bleb-forming glaucoma surgery

Supervisor: Prof. dr. H.  Beckers
Co-Supervisors: Dr.
J. Wolters, Medpace Medical Device B.V.; Dr. C.J.F. Bertens

 Martijn Randolf Mons | 20 October 2023 | 13 hrs
Neuromodulation In Non-Operated Discogenic Low Back Pain: Efficacy and Mechanism
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. E. Joosten; Prof. Dr. J. van Zundert
Dr. J.W. Kallewaard

  Isis Joosten | 23 October 2023 | 16 hrs
Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: Clinical Genetics and Multisystem Involvement

Supervisors: Prof. dr. C. Faber; Prof. dr. K. Vernooy; Prof. dr. L. van Loon

 Miriam Fichtner | 24 October 2023 | 16 hrs | ONLINE
Features of muscle-specific tyrosine kinase autoantibodies and B cells derived from myasthenia gravis patients
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. P. Martinez; Prof. Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor (Yale University, USA)
Co-Supervisor: Dr. M. Losen

 Lonne Heijmans | 25 October 2023 | 16 hrs
Paresthesia free spinal cord stimulation in experimental chronic neuropathic pain
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. E. Joosten; Prof. Dr. J. van Zundert

 Irene Moll | 30 October 2023 | 16 hrs
Cerebral Palsy: Cognition, Fatigue And Assessing Functional Electrical Stimulation During Walk
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. R. Vermeulen
Co-Supervisor: Dr. K. Meijer



 Ghazi Al Jowf | 6 September 2023 | 13 hrs | ONLINE
Biomedical and Public Health Studies on Susceptibility to Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder
Supervisor: Prof. dr. B. Rutten
Co-supervisors: Dr. L. Eijssen; Dr. L. de Nijs

 Anneke Terneusen | 8 September 2023 | 16 hrs
KNOW THYSELF - Theoretical and Neurobehavioral Perspectives on Self-Awareness
Supervisors: Prof. dr. C. van Heugten; Prof. dr. R. Ponds
Co-supervisor: Dr. I. Winkens

 Suryan Leif Dunker | 13 September 2023 | 13 hrs
Current State of Endothelial Karatoplasty
Supervisor: Prof. dr. R. Nuijts
Co-supervisors: Dr. M. Dickman; Dr. F. van den Biggelaar

 Pere Català Quilis | 13 September 2023 | 16 hrs
Understanding the complexity of the corneal endothelium for regenerative medicine
Supervisor: Prof. dr. R. Nuijts
Co-supervisors: Dr. V. LaPointe; Dr. M. Dickman

 Haang Jeung-Maarse | 18 September 2023 | 10 hrs
Impairments in Social Interaction of Individuals with Personality Disorders and Dark Personality Traits
Supervisors: Prof. dr. K. Schruers; Prof. dr. C. Schwieren, Heidelberg University, Germany

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