Overview of our latest and upcoming PhD defences.


  Huajie Liu | 3 October 2022 | 10 hrs
Deep Brain Stimulation and memory restoration.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Y. Temel
Co-Supervisors: Dr. S. Hescham; Dr. A. Jahanshahi

  Tim Bouwens | 6 October 2022 | 16 hrs
Neurosurgery in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder From targets to treatment to tracts and back again
Supervisors: Prof. dr.A. Leentjens; Prof. dr. Y. Temel
Co-supervisors: Dr. L. Ackermans

Faris Almasabi | 12 October 2022 | 10 hrs | Online
Deep brain stimulation in tinnitus: Insights from the pathophysiology and mechanism of action.
Supervisor: Prof.dr. Y. Temel
Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Jahanshahi; Dr. M. Janssen

  Tessa van Dooren | 28 October 2022 | 13 hrs
High-frequency testing of the vestibular system.
Supervisor: Dr. R. van de Berg; Prof. dr.H.Kingma


  Michael J. Bos | 15 July 2022 | 10 hrs
The role of anesthesia in microelectrode recording-assisted deep brain stimulation
Supervisors: Prof. dr. W. Buhre, Prof. dr. Y. Temel
Co-Supervisor: Dr. M. Janssen

  Maud Daemen | 15 July 2022 | 13 hrs
Sampling the self Investigating and improving self-esteem in pathways to psychopathology
Supervisor: Prof. dr. T. van Amelsvoort
Co-Supervisor: Prof. dr. U. Reininghaus, Heidelberg University

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