Overview of our latest and upcoming PhD defences.


  Maria Ferrarac | 12 March, 2021
Early Intervention in Psychosis A data-driven population health approach to reduce the duration of untreated psychosis.
Supervisors: Dr. S. Guloksuz, Prof.dr. J.J. van Os;
Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. V.H. Srihari (Yale University, USA).

  Luiz Kae Sales Kanazawa | 22 March, 2021
The antimanic-like effects of andrographolide and quercetin
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. J. Prickaerts;
Co-supervisor: Dr. Roberto Andreatini, Paraná, Brasil.

  Ranjana J. Jairam | 24 March, 2021
Sacral nerve stimulation for lower urinary tract dysfunctions: towards better outcome.
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Ph.E.V.A. Van Kerrebroeck, Prof. dr. G.A. van Koeveringe;
Co-supervisor: Dr. D.M.J. Vrijens.


  Talakad Narasappa Sathyaprabha | 1 February 2021
Cardiovascular autonomic regulation in health and neurological disorders. 
Supervisors: Pof.dr. B.W.W. Kramer, Prof.dr. H.W.M. Steinbusch
Co-supervisor: Dr. T.R. Raju, Bangalore


  Clara Snijders | 8 January 2021
Post-traumatic stress disorder epigenetic signatures of differential susceptibility to combat trauma
Supervisor: Prof. dr. B.P.F. Rutten
Co-supervisors: Dr. L. de Nijs, Dr. G. Kenis

  Raoul Stevens | 15 January 2021
Unboxing the Brain; Development of Technologies for Non-Invasive Assessment of Cerebral Pathologies
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. T. Delhaas, Prof. Dr. W.H. Mess
Co-supervisor: dr.ir. W. Huberts

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