Graduate School

Maastricht University Graduate School of Sustainability Science & Policy

Maastricht University Graduate School of Sustainability Science (MUST) conducts research into sustainable development and integrated assessment at the International Centre for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development (ICIS). MUST strives to find innovative new ways of integrating knowledge across academic divides, between social and natural sciences and between critical and problem-solving research. We do this in the context of major sustainability challenges such as globalisation, climate change, global health, loss of biodiversity, water issues, regional sustainability, tourism, mobility, governance and innovation.

Research on complex issues is best conducted with experts tackling different aspects of a given problem from their own expertise and perspectives. MUST offers a perfect environment for this kind of collaboration, with scientific training and a dynamic learning environment where the exchange of knowledge between younger and more experienced researchers is emphasised. PhD candidates from different disciplinary backgrounds and post-docs work closely together with professional scientific leadership to find solutions to sustainability issues affecting our society.

The MSc and PhD programme ‘Sustainability Science and Policy’ is offered under the umbrella of MUST, with our researchers contributing to the development of all participants.