Customized membranes for green and resilient industries


Making industry more resilient and meeting the challenge of climate neutrality has become a growing concern, at the heart of the European Green Deal objectives.

Customised membranes, tailored to the application can help answering to such objectives. The CUMERI project will in particular pave the way for:

  • effective recycling and reuse of valuable components, promoting resilient and circular industrial value chains
  • more energy-efficient processes, while
  • lowering CO2 emissions.

This will be achieved in two different separation lines: gas separation (GS) in the steel industry for the recovery of H2 and for CO2 capture, and ultrafiltration (UF) followed by membrane extraction (ME) in the oil and gas (O&G) industry for the recovery of base oil and additives from used lubricant oils (ULO). The recovery of H2 in the steel industry is attractive as it is expensive and extensively used in the steel-making production (reduction reactions). The recovery of ULO and additives is economically attractive in terms of high value resource conservation and environment protection, also in a post-fossil era.