WiDS Maastricht Conference 2023

Prof. Dr. Nava Tintarev: Interactive and adaptive explanation interfaces for recommender systems.

Nava Tintarev is a full professor of Explainable Artificial Intelligence at the Maastricht University and a visiting professor at TU Delft. She conducts research in the field of human-computer interaction in artificial advice giving systems. She has published over 80 peer-reviewed papers in top human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence journals and conferences.




Recommender systems offer users recommendations of items to buy. Recommender systems use algorithms that can be categorized as ranking algorithms, which result in an increase in the prominence of some information. Other information is filtered and not shown to people. However, it is often not clear to users whether the recommender system's advice is suitable to be followed, e.g., whether the right information was taken into account. This keynote will describe how explanations can help bridge that gap, what we constitute as helpful explanations, as well as the considerations and external factors we must consider when determining the level of helpfulness. I will introduce the notion of interactive explanation interfaces for recommender systems, which support exploration rather than explaining recommendations post-hoc. I will also address the importance of user modeling in the design of explanation interfaces. Both the characteristics of the people and the situation place different requirements on which explanations are useful, also w.r.t. to different presentational choices.  Simply put, “One size does not fit all”.

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