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Phd Project Archive

On this page you can find an overview of previously approved CSC PhD projects at UM. If you have any questions about the projects, feel free to reach out the UM China Team.

Want to do a PhD and looking for a suitable project? We have all our PhD project outlines published online and if you're ready to apply, you can fill out this form together with your (prospective) supervisor(s) and/or promotor(s) and send it to um-china@maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Once you've applied, check out the roadmap with a timeline and deadlines for the full procedure.



Approved proposals within the cooperative programme 

Faculty Candidate Project Title
FASoS Yabo Wu The Firm as a Development Actor: the Case of Chinese Businesses
FASoS Yan Jia Beyond the Clothing: Linguistic Practices and Identities in Hanfu Communities
FHML Bo Cao Development of Novel Mass Spectrometry Imaging & SPR Technologies in the Research of Material-Biology Interactions, Related to Newly Design Orthopedic Implants or Regeneration Biomaterials
FHML Hongjuan Weng Poly(ester amide) Reinforced Hydrogels With Improved Mechanical Properties for Loadbearing Tissue Engineering Applications
FHML Mengying Li Turning cellular leakages into positive actions: towards earlier detection & better treatment of metabolic disorders
FHML Qingfeng Wen

Healthy Aging and Mental Health in a Healthy Environment: Next Generation Sequencing Tools as Frontier Technology for Profiling Circulating MicroRNAs With Diagnostic Potential in Alzheimer’s Disease

FHML Xi Yang Modulation of Reward Pathways Through Neurofeedback
FHML Yanchao Zhang The Use of Harmless Clostridia Butyricum Bacteria to Continuously Produce Therapeutic Agents From the Microbiome
FHML Yanyun Zhang The Effect of Different Dietary Fibers on Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease
FHML Yi Chen Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence for the Reading of Late Gadolinium Enhancement Related to Scarring Myocardium
FHML Ying Cong The Use of Hypoxia Activated Prodrugs With an Immunotherapeutics Warhead as Anticancer Treatment
FHML Yuanyuan Zhu Learning and Teaching Communities, a Precondition for Flexible and Sustainable Curricula in the Life Sciences
FHML Yueqin He Improved Safety Assessment of Natural Based Products Using a Personalized In Vitro Test System Based on Human Colonic Organoids
FHML Yuewei Cao How to Optimise Audiovisual Learning in Dyslexic and Typical Readers?
FHML Zhewen Ren Investigating the Impact of the Macronutrient Composition of the Diet on Bladder Cancer Risk From a Global Perspective
FHML Zhiling Guan Elucidating the Role of Mitochondria and Segregation of mtDNA Mutations in the Zebrafish Model
FHML Zhixiang Wang End-to-End AI-Based Pipelines for Omics Analysis in Radiation Oncology
FL Haiyang Yu Salvor's Reward and Liability for Environmental Services in Salvage Operations
FL Qian Li AI-Enabled Price Discrimination: a Competition Law Perspective
FPN Jiaojing Xu Examining the Impact of Cognitive Biases on Poor Pain Outcomes: the Role of Context and Goal Pursuit
FPN Ting Xu Unraveling the Relationship Between Cognitive Biases for Pain and Their Association With Pain Experience, Disability and Efficacy of Cognitive Coping Strategies
FPN Xueying Fu Brain-Based Auditory Noise Cancellation
FPN Yanchao Song Analyzing Cross-Cultural Differences in (Risky) Driving Behavior of Drivers From Different Countries
FSE Jian Liu Lignin Based Materials With Intrinsic Recyclability
SBE Haidong Fang Causal Effects With Latent Treatments
SBE Tianyu Yang Students’ Optimal Choice for Higher Education Institutions: An Empirical Study on Costs and Returns of Higher Education of Different Qualities in China
SBE Yan Wu Impact of Public Awareness on Low-Carbon City Transformation in China
SBE Zhichuan Li Ownership Structure, TMT Composition and Firm Entrepreneurship and Innovation

General Programme

Faculty Candidate Project Title
FHML Fang Wang  
FHML Hao Yu The Application of Student Self-Made Micro-Video in Student-Centered Education
FHML Jinzhe Ju Unraveling Biogenesis and Therapeutic Value of Extracellular Vesicles Secreted Through Autophagy
FHML Ke Song Bottom-Up Tissue Regeneration of Musculoskeletal Tissues Using Cell-Instructive Micro/Nano-Sized Biomaterials
FHML Shenlun Chen Deep Learning-based Decision Making for Colorectal Cancer on Integration of Multi-clinical Data
FHML Shuai Shi  
FHML Xiaofei Zhao Nerve Dysfunction, (Micro)Vascular Abnormalities and Their Consequences in Subjects With and Without Type 2 Diabetes
FHML Yidan Zhang Sex Differences in Psychiatric Disease Risk and Underlying Brain Traits
FHML Ying Feng  
FHML Yuan Gao Leverage AI Techniques to Estimate the Personalized Treatment Response for Breast Cancer Therapy Based on Imaging and Clinical Biomarkers
FPN Huidong Xue Neural Coupling in Fluent and Dyslexic Readers Investigated With EEG and fMRI
FPN Juanzhi Lu How Psychological Ownership Induced by Naming Modulates Subjective Valuation and Decision Making
FPN Liyang Wu Increasing Mental and Physical Well-Being by Best Possible Self Imagery: Mechanisms and Moderators
FPN Xinxin Zhang Relationship Between the Visual Representations for Faces and Words in Human Brain – A Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback Study
FSE Jinzhou Yang Big Data Quality Assessment Based on Active Learning and Human-Machine Integration
FSE Xiao Ning Quality Assessment and Improvement of Machine Learning Models for Drug Discovery
SBE Yidan Xu Analysis of the Relationship Between Fishermen and Marine Fish Under Summer Fishing Moratorium Perspective