Pietro Bonizzi (P.)

My research background is in biomedical engineering with a focus on biomedical signal processing. The broad goal of my research is to provide medical doctors efficient diagnostic methods to improve the interpretation of the pathophysiological state of a patient, and yield information about pharmacological or surgical outcomes, thus helping medical doctors to define, evaluate, and tailor therapies. My research interests are on signal processing, time series analysis, time series decomposition, time-frequency analysis, and recurrence analysis, with application to biomedical signals, in particular to the study of the complexity and level of organization of biological signals, with a specific focus on assessing the complexity of the atrial substrate for the generation and maintenance of atrial fibrillation. Over the last years I have also developed an interest on ECG-Imaging, a cardiac mapping technique that noninvasively images electrical activation and recovery directly at the heart surface. Moreover, I have worked with applications of my research into cosmology.