Young European high potentials visit AMIBM for Young European Talent 2018

Between November 13-15 the second edition of the Young European talent project was held in Limburg in which 50 top talents from 5 European countries participated. These 50 talents in the age between 18-35 years, from the sectors of sports, science, business, culture and politics where invited by ministries, embassies and universities from Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg on basis of their merits.

The future of Europe

“This group of young ambitious people is the future of Europe. YET is a nice combination of youngsters with a great desire to create their own future and the opportunity for us to invite just them to visit Limburg. These youngsters are all positive minded people who already have shown their skills in their specific field or who have promising ideas and concepts in their minds. How beautiful it is for us to have the chance to welcome these young people in one of the Euregions of Europe with the greatest potential", according to board member and honorary consul Mr. Fernand Jadoul.

Limburg thinks ahead and always keeps its open mind across borders

“It is very special for us to welcome the top talents in Limburg. This entirely matches with the ‘Limburgian’ tradition and hospitality. But it also fits in with the historical fact that over the centuries we always have looked across borders and still do. YET is an unique project that, as far as we know,
nowhere else in Europe is to be found. In this respect too, Limburg thinks ahead and always keeps its open mind across borders”, says board member for YET and honorary consul for France, Mr Camille Oostwegel.

Power of Limburg

Besides talking about their professional fields of interest, every speaker also spoke about his personal career and live. This gave some incredible interesting insights into the life and work of CEO’s and visionary managers. In these interactive talks the speakers had a clear message for the talents to make the best of their talents, abilities and careers in a unified Europe. The organisation of YET looks with a lot of pleasure back at a successful three-day project. “We have shown these young talented people what the ‘power of Limburg’ is, the possibilities and chances which lay ahead for this group here in this province and in Europe. This message has clearly landed with this second group of young talents that visited Limburg for YET. With lots of energy and drive we as YET organisation are evaluating the project the coming weeks and are already working on the 2019 edition”, according to YET chairman, Ward Vleugels.

YET 2019

For the 2019 edition of YET there will be a clear connection and link with the provincial Working on Europe project. The date for 2019 is also lready known. YET will be organised in 2019 in the week of November 11-15, 2019.

During the YET project several companies and institutions which operate in the sectors of sports, business, science, politics and culture were visited. During these visits a great selection of speakers addressed the talents:

  • Governor Bovens
  • Maria van der Hoeven
  • Philippe Lalliot (French ambassador)
  • Dirk Brengelmann (German Ambassador)
  • Yves Bertoncini (Vice president European movement)
  • Jennifer van der Leegte (VDL)
  • Joachim Hauser (BMW Munchen)
  • Inge Massen (DSM)
  • Bert Kip (Brightlands)
  • Stefan Jockenhovel (RWTH-Aachen/AMIBM)
  • Jo van den Brand (Nikhef institute-Einstein telescope)
  • Margaretha Merke (Boostani)
  • Governor Reynders (Belgian Limburg)
  • Jos van Emden (Team LottoNL Jumbo)
  • Bert van Marwijk
  • Esther Wagemens (Bonnefanten museum)
  • deken Dautzenberg (St. Servaas basilica)
  • mayor of Maastricht Annemarie Penn-te-Strake

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