Wynand Wijnen Education Prize awarded to entire UM education community

At Maastricht University, we deem education vital, and we are proud of our achievements. That is why, each year, we present the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, to honour members of our staff who have made an exceptional contribution to education. This year's Wynand Wijnen Education Prize was presented to our entire education community in recognition of their tireless efforts, particularly during the past corona years.

This year's prize money goes to the Emergency Fund for students: this fund is intended to help our students who find themselves in sudden and unexpected financial distress, ensuring that they can continue their studies. With the donation, Maastricht University wants to encourage like-minded initiatives to help one another in times of need.

The prize was awarded during the 47th Dies Natalis celebration of Maastricht University, just like the annual Dissertation Prize. This award went to Marie Labussière of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for her thesis: 'Native-born but not yet citizen: Citizenship and educational outcomes of children of immigrants in the Netherlands.’ 

Donna Carroll and Martijn Boussé symbolically accepted the award on behalf our entire education community of the

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