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The VIVA400 is a list of 400 inspiring women who shine in their field of expertise and who are nominated because of their talents. Our Alie de Boer is on that list in the category ‘Knappe koppen’ (brainiacs).

Who is Alie de Boer?

Alie de Boer is Assistant Professor in the field of nutrition and food law at Campus Venlo. She is also the founder of the Food Claims Centre Venlo, the knowledge centre for all questions related to nutrition and food law.

She studies how scientific findings in the field of nutrition and the legal environment affect each other, for example in the case of novel foods and how to assess safety of food products under this regulation.

Maastricht University is committed to nurturing an inclusive culture and that means supporting women in science and academia. And so are you, right?

  • Voting will close on 5 November
  • The award will handed to the winner on 15 November
Vote for Alie
Vote for Alie

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