UM students win startup contest at ATEC (prize worth 30,000€)

The 12th edition of the ATEC (Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress) took place in Aachen on May 17th 2022. With over 1100 on-site participants and more than 150 start-ups and 50 investors, ATEC is one of the largest university-driven startup conferences in Germany. RWTH Aachen University kindly provided free participation to ATEC for 30 selected UM students. The day was packed with great speakers, panels, a pitch battle and interactive sessions. To make the day complete, UM students managed to win the Pitch Battle. A truly exceptional performance! 

ATEC congress podium

ATEC 2022

The day of the congress was filled with inspiring talks and panels on how technology can make an impact towards a better future for society. Next to the event, a matchmaking session between business talent from Maastricht and deep tech-focused startups from Aachen was organized. UM students met RWTH students working on applications ranging from solving loneliness to building new satellites in space, training models for self-driving cars, and immersive models for new sustainable production lines. Few UM students were able to secure a summer internship at some of the startups.

UM students at ATEC 2022

RWTH Aachen University

'Now that our cities already share an airport (Maastricht-Aachen), why not start looking into bringing the skills of our two universities together as well and support new startups responding to the challenges of our time? We are very grateful for the opportunity that RWTH has provided to our students and we look forward to invite our partners from Aachen to Maastricht as well.' – Jermain Kaminski, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Maastricht University

More impressions from the event can be seen on YouTube.

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